‘MEROPS’ finished foreign dependency! Far superior to its counterparts

According to the information received by the AA correspondent, ASELSAN creates electro-optical systems with superior capabilities through studies on the design and production of thermal systems, laser distance meters, laser pointers, laser warning systems, day vision cameras and night vision devices with image intensifiers.


In this way, it is possible for users to gain superiority over the counter elements in natural weather conditions such as night, fog, haze, where visibility is poor or limited, and in battlefield conditions such as dust, smoke, fire and camouflage. With laser systems, high-level opportunities are provided to the user in areas such as distance finding, guidance, countermeasures, active imaging and detection.

Electro-optical systems developed by ASELSAN have wide application areas in land, air and sea platforms.

As a result of these efforts, the use of CATS, which emerged with the project initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industries, is being expanded in line with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and security forces.

A large number of deliveries have been made since May 2020 from CATS, which is also known in the public for ending the foreign dependency of SİHAs in this field.


ASELSAN, which also carries out projects to expand its electro-optical reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system product family with new products that diversify in size and capabilities, taking into account the needs of different platforms, is developing the ASELFLIR-500 with the technological know-how gained in CATS and the technological developments in its components.

The company aims to start delivery of ASELFLIR-500 by the end of next year. In addition, work continues on the ASELFLIR-600, which will allow viewing from a larger and longer distance. Product development work continues to include systems with a gimbal diameter of less than 15 inches.

Considering the high domestic and international demand for the electro-optical reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system, ASELSAN also mobilized the talent pool in its office in South Africa. MEROPS (Multi-spectral Extended Range Optical Sight) emerged with the work of ASELSAN engineers in this country.

MEROPS was exhibited at the ASELSAN stand at the African Aerospace and Defense Fair AAD 2022 held in South Africa. The visitors were given the opportunity to experience the high imaging quality of MEROPS through the mechanism set up at the stand.

It was noteworthy that MEROPS was also exhibited at the Fair, in the static area, together with the Rooivalk attack helicopter. Rooivalk, produced by South Africa and shown among the most effective attack helicopters in the world, is one of the important parts of the host country’s air fleet.