Mercury retrograde has begun: The effect of Mercury retrograde on zodiac signs

Mercury retrograde in the last days of the year

Mercury, which will begin to retrograde in Capricorn between December 30, 2022 and January 17, 2023, seems to slow down our lives and cause minor setbacks in the main titles describing Capricorn. If we look at the Capricorn, it advises people to structure the permanent and naturally it brings with it work and discipline.

In this sense, we can say that this Mercury retrograde will bring us opportunities to reconsider the works that we started but could not finish, especially in business and career issues. And of course, it goes without saying that Mercury retrograde will also cause communication accidents. In this process, promotions that could not be taken may be taken, and we may hear about positive developments regarding money from places where we have given up financial hope.

In the retrograde movement of Mercury, the planet of dreams will first have a positive effect with Neptune, and in the second week, it will show a positive aspect with Uranus, which surprises us with the awareness it creates, on the other hand, Mercury, which will bring a harsh weather to the north and south lunar nodes, which tells about the fateful cycles, will have a major in the last retro week. it will return to its straight motion again without appearing in effect.

Although this Mercury retrograde in Capricorn will be in a relatively positive atmosphere, it will seriously help us to take an account of what we have done in the past and make good plans in order to realize permanent works for the future.

Mercury retrograde, which makes us say, “It wouldn’t have happened in these last days of the year,” will hopefully make us smile about business and money in 2023.

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