Melanie Chisholm was sexually assaulted in Turkey!

Melanie Chisholm, a member of the iconic 1990s pop group Spice Girls, spoke on author Elizabeth Day’s podcast. Chisholm stated that the sexual harassment incident happened while she was getting a massage at the hotel, she said.

Melanie Chisholm, who made a statement on the subject, said, “I felt attacked. I felt very vulnerable. I was embarrassed. Then I was not sure, did I understand correctly? I was at the place where you took off your clothes with a professional masseur.”


The singer, nicknamed “Mel C”, stated that he immediately buried the events deep in his mind because he had to focus on the Spice Girls concert.

According to the news of BBC Turkish; “I didn’t want to make a fuss, but I also didn’t have time to deal with it,” Chisholm said.


“Mel C” stated that because he could not face the attack at that time, he allowed him to stay in the depths for years, but when he started to write his memoirs, this moment came to light again.

The artist, who couldn’t decide whether he wanted it to be heard by everyone by including the event that came to his mind one morning in his book, said, “I thought it was very important for me to say this, to finally face it and deal with it.”


The “Spice Girls” star described the incident as a mild version of sexual assault and expressed that she wanted to share the details because of the effect it had on her.

Melanie Chisholm said, “It struck me, but I buried it. I’m sure a lot of people do that.”

In the podcast “How To Fail”, Chisholm also talked about the effects of her parents’ divorce on her, and her eating disorder during the Spice Girls era.


The famous name said that it became obsessive, continued for many years, lost a lot of weight, had anorexia and could not menstruate.

“I always wanted to be a mother and I couldn’t control this thing that was disrupting my fertility,” said Melanie Chisholm.


“Mel C” talked about being proud of herself for overcoming her eating disorder and later giving birth to her daughter, Scarlett.

Chisholm also stated that the book “Who I Am”, which bears the same name as his single released in 2020, will be released on September 15.

Photos: AP, Splash News

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