Mehmet Ali Guller : The case of Iranian women

The revolt of women against the regime’s religious oppression in Iran is revolutionary.

The fact that the Iranian regime is against US imperialism and that US imperialism supports the revolutionary action of women targeting the Iranian regime does not overshadow the justification of this action.

On the contrary, it shows the immorality of US imperialism and that it can take any political position for its interests. It should not be forgotten: It was US imperialism that provoked and armed Iraq to attack Iran, and also secretly sold weapons to Iran to prolong the war!

The current women’s movement, both in terms of its output and its demands, is different from the conflicts that erupted in the past years, which have external links and aim to weaken Iran from within while dealing with critical international issues.


The main thing to think about in the face of this picture is the Iranian regime. The way to better fight against US imperialism is to remove the religious pressures on the people and unite with the people.

Can the regime do this because of its character? Can a political movement emerge from the Iranian ruling class that will ease the pressure on religious citizens by curbing religiosity? Or, is a popular organization that can turn popular movements into a political power possible in the future?

Similar controversy existed in the early 2000s. For example, the mayor of Tehran Mahmud Ahmadinejad, During the presidential campaign in 2004 “dress regulations” He followed a more democratic line. on TV “People have different tastes and we should serve them all” he said. However, the Irshad Patrol, which was the moral police that would become the symbol of the oppression of dress, was officially established a year later during his reign.

Even this example reveals the multidimensionality of power relations at the Iranian state level.


In the final analysis, it always depends on whether there is a popular and revolutionary organization that can come and lead the people. It’s like this everywhere:

for example Mustafa Kemal First, he established an organization by uniting the Defense-i Law societies, and then he was able to achieve liberation.

In Egypt, for example, based on Tahrir Square, which began with the actions of the Suez Canal workers and spread through waves of strikes. Hosni MubarakThe popular movement, which was able to overthrow the Islamic State, was stolen by an organized force, the Brotherhood, as a strong revolutionary organization could not command it. Afterwards, the army, which is a more organized force, stole the popular movement that emerged this time against the Brotherhood.

For example, Gezi was a huge popular movement in which millions stood up, and it gradually withered away because there was no revolutionary headquarters of the size and maturity to direct a wave of that size.

For example, the strikes and just actions of the workers in Kazakhstan were deflected by the imperialist collaborator forces and tried to turn it into an orange coup.

In summary, today the USA tries to infiltrate the popular movement in every country and manipulate it in accordance with its own interests. The only way to prevent this is if the popular movement is led by the anti-imperialist revolutionary organization. The success of the movement also depends on it.


Of course, the imperialist USA wants to evaluate every situation in order to weaken Iran’s anti-imperialist position. This, Mahsa Amini’including the freedom movement against the headscarf, which started after the death of Ms. However, it is not possible to oppose these acts of freedom just because the USA can benefit from it.

The problem of the US taking advantage of it is the responsibility of the Iranian state, not the oppressed people. Undoubtedly, from a different perspective, it is the problem of revolutionary leaders who have the responsibility of keeping the popular movement on the revolutionary route and preventing foreign interventions.

In conclusion, the most important political equation to be solved in Iran is the following: To raise the people’s struggle for freedom and democracy in a way that US imperialism cannot use as a trump card to weaken Iran’s anti-imperialist position…