Mehmet Ali Erbil, accused of harassment by Ece Ronay: ‘I was tricked’

The hearing at the Anatolian 67th Criminal Court of First Instance Mehmet Ali Erbil joined. The lawyers of the parties were present at the hearing.

Mehmet Ali Erbil, who was identified, said that his monthly income is 100 thousand liras.

In his defense, the defendant Mehmet Ali Erbil said, “I think such an event is a trap. I wanted to help the Z generation without any benefit, I acted in the clip. The offer came from them. Afterwards, a public statement was made that we were friends.

I have had 4 marriages and relationships until this age, but there has been no harassment or violence in any way. I came to the trap. He made a video phone call to me and there were obscene images in these images. He invited her to his home. I did not know her address, she gave her address. Then my assistant stepped in and said I will be the addressee. He entered into dialogues with my assistant. He made a bonus by calling it harassment. “I think I’ve been tricked,” he said.


When Mehmet Ali Erbil was asked about the messages in the indictment, he said, “My assistant was involved on the day the message was sent and was the subject of the indictment. ‘I want to sleep next to you tonight‘ he sent the message. The phone was not even in my hand when the message was sent. I didn’t know about the message. My assistant said that such an incident happened, I sent such a message to protect you.”

The hearing was postponed by sending it to the Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office to prepare the opinion.


In the indictment prepared by the Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it is stated that the messages of Mehmet Ali Erbil Ece Ronay Bilir‘ s insults in a way that harms personal rights, another message is ‘Threatening’ was said to have committed a crime.

Defendant Mehmet Ali Erbil’Sexual harassment through electronic communication‘,’Insulting with an audio text or video message‘ and ‘Tcovenant‘ crimes were demanded to be punished with imprisonment from 1 year 11 months and 15 days to 8 years and 10 months.