Meghan Markle’s nudity

Meghan Markle, the troubled bride of the British Royal Family, stunned with her nudity confession in her broadcast.

Meghan Markle's nudity

Meghan Markle, the unwanted bride of the Royal Family and who moved to America with her husband, Prince Harry, mourned for a while over the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Meghan Markle took a break from podcast episodes after the Queen’s death.

Korean history

The Duchess of Sussex is back with a new episode about her childhood. In The Demystification of Dragon Lady, Markle spoke to comedian Margaret Cho about the discrimination she faced as a result of her Korean background.

Talking about the difficult aspects of growing up with Asian culture in the United States, Markle’s statements surprised everyone.

Meghan Markle's nudity memory #1

“Everybody was naked”

Expressing that he was curious about getting to know other cultures when he lived in America, Markle said, “I had a real love for getting to know other cultures. I went to Korean spas naked with my mom. For those who have never been before, I must say, it’s a really weird experience for a teenage girl. You walk into a room full of nude women aged 9 to 90. All of them.” They line up and wait to go around naked and have their bodies rubbed.” said.

Meghan Markle's nudity memory #2

“Korean women were very beautiful”

Markle stated that she was very embarrassed about being naked when she went to Korean hot springs, but she felt a great admiration for the beauty of Korean women. “All I wanted was a swimsuit, but at that point there was no permission. I remember being so embarrassed as I was in my teens. After bathing in the hot spring with my mom, we would sit in a room and eat delicious Korean food. This beautiful Korean who embraced the generational tradition of Jjimjilbang (Korean hot spring) and shared it with each other. I loved watching women.” he said.

Meghan Markle's nudity memory #3