Meaningful gesture in MasterChef Turkey… Competitors presented the award to Hamza Mercimek, who lost his kidneys


having health problems MasterChef One of Turkey’s 2021 competitors Hamza Lentils The contestants’ decision for the show received appreciation from both the chefs and the on-screen. Hamza Mercimek, who was previously connected to the program, stated that he was receiving dialysis treatment and gave the sad news by saying, “I was in the hospital for about a month, but unfortunately we could not save my kidneys. Both of my kidneys failed.”

In the last part of the competition, Somer Şef gave the sad news about Hamza’s latest situation.

Saying that his mother’s kidney was incompatible for Hamza, Somer Chief said, “His mother was going to donate his own kidney, but an incompatibility was caught. Unfortunately, Hamza’s problem continues. We are with Hamza with all our support.”



After Somer Şef’s emotional statement, a meaningful gift was received from the contestants who were fighting for the award game. Kaan, the captain of this week’s blue team, said, “Whatever the award is, we want to support Hamza. We want to present it to a friend. Let Hamza be motivated.”

Emphasizing that he talked to his team and that they wanted to support Hamza, Melih also received appreciation from the chefs with the words “If the award can be turned into material, we will be very happy. We will support him as well”.

A meaningful gesture in MasterChef Turkey... Competitors presented the award to Hamza Mercimeke, who lost his kidneys.

Thereupon, Somer Chef said, “Your gesture touched both us and our producers very much. We are turning the competition into a cash prize today and a cash prize of 50 thousand TL,” and said that today the competition will be for Hamza.

The emotional speech in MasterChef was also on the agenda of social media.


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