“Maybe next time, think before cheating”

Californian young singer Alexandra StarrHe performed at the wedding of his ex-girlfriend, whom he had been with for 5 years and cheated on him. Describing his experiences in the video he shared on the social media platform TikTok, Starr said, “My cheating ex arranged my band for his wedding and he doesn’t know I’m the singer” said.

Alexandra Starr learned that her band was invited to perform at a wedding. Arriving at the wedding venue, Starr learned that the groom had been with her for 5 years and had an ex-girlfriend who had cheated on him.

The singer, who kept her face hidden during the couple’s first dance, did not reveal her identity. The groom, who was having his first dance with his future wife, was unaware that the person singing the song was his ex-girlfriend. Singer, country music star who takes the stage after the first dance is over Carrie UnderwoodHe started singing ‘Before He Cheats’.

“Maybe next time, think before cheating”, “Maybe he got the next girl out of trouble I can be” in the song in which the words are mentioned; The revenge of a cheated woman on her ex-lover is mentioned.

One of the wedding guests tried to get Starr off the stage. The singer, who got off the stage, threw the glass of water he had taken on the groom and left the wedding.

Sharing the revenge he took from his ex-girlfriend in clips, the singer reached more than 9 million views in a short time and became viral on social media.

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