Mathias Ross explained the transfer process to Galatasaray


Transfer Announcing 5 signatures on the last day of the term Galatasaray21-year-old defender from Denmark’s Aalborg Mathias RossHe also added to his staff for 1.75 million euros.

Mathias Ross, who signed a 4-year contract with the yellow-red club, explained the process of transferring to Galatasaray in Denmark, where he went for the U21 national team.

“I’m out of breath”

The statements made by Mathias Ross to the Danish press are as follows:

When I went to the facilities for training, I learned about the agreement between Aalborg and Galatasaray when they said, ‘You must come to the club office immediately’. Club director Inge Andre Olsen and manager Bach Lund stated that the clubs are about to agree on the transfer, ‘Go home now and pack your things. They said, ‘You should say goodbye here. When I learned that I was going to Galatasaray, I sat in the office with my mouth open and gasped. A day and a half later, signatures were signed in Istanbul.


“It’s crazy to be transferred to Galatasaray”

One week after the transfer in Denmark was closed, I went to Istanbul. This was something I couldn’t even imagine. After a few hard days, I felt very tired, sluggish and also in the middle of a dream. Galatasaray is a very big and well-established club. In addition to my compatriot Victor Nelsson, there is also Norwegian Midtsjö in the team. It is very important for me to have them in the team in terms of adapting to the club and the country. I can say that your transfer to Galatasaray is ‘crazy’.

“Icardi, Mata… Dreamy”

Shots of the video explaining the transfer dream it was like. It was absolutely extraordinary considering where I came from. It was like I was walking in the middle of a dream.

“The number of my followers increased from 4 thousand to 100 thousand”

Fan culture is very high in Galatasaray. The day my transfer was announced, my social media account was very active. My follower count, which was around 4 thousand, increased to over 100 thousand. Turkish fans have a lot of love. I have never received so many messages.