Masters are about to scrape the ‘lining’

The additional approval certificate required from distributors for brake pads brought to Turkey from abroad made it difficult to find brake pads in auto service and industrial sites. While the masters could not find the part they wanted when they wanted, the waiting times of the drivers increased. Taylan Free Language from HürriyetExperts said that 70 percent of the annual need is met from abroad, and that brake pads worth approximately 20 million dollars are waiting at customs to enter Turkey.


Due to the additional ‘E’ type approval certificate required from imported brake pads, there is a serious supply problem in automotive services and industrial sites. While many craftsmen have had difficulty in finding brake pads for nine months, industry representatives state that brake pads with an approximate value of 20 million dollars have been waiting at customs for months and could not enter Turkey due to the required additional certification process. If the problem is not resolved, drivers in Turkey may face driving safety risks due to extended service waiting times and parts called ‘under the stairs’. Mustafa Tekin, one of the masters who have been performing brake failures and repairs in his shop in Istanbul Cevizlibağ for many years, said, “Since the beginning of the New Year, we have had difficulties in finding brake pads. Especially in the last few months, this problem has been felt even more. For now, we are trying to solve the situation by using pads produced in Turkey, but the drivers are not satisfied due to vibration and sound problems”.