Market value of 70-75 billion Euros in Porsche

Target 70-75 billion Euro market value

German automotive giant Volkswagen reported that Porsche shares will be traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as of September 29. According to the company’s statement, Porsche aims to reach a market value of 70-75 billion Euros with the public offering.

Half of the 911 million shares will be regular shares and the other half will be preferred shares.

A total of 18.1 billion to 19.5 billion euros will be sold in the public offering.

While Volskwagen expects a sales revenue of more than 9 billion Euros, the capital will be used to finance new investments in Porsche’s electric vehicle transformation.


If the targeted market value is reached, Porsche will become the 5th most valuable automotive company in the world. As of today, the US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is by far the most valuable automotive company with $943.72 billion.

Company Market cap ($ billion)
Tesla 943.72
Toyota 193.82
BYD 100.42
Volkswagen 87.71
Mercedes-Benz 60.23
Ford 59.17
General Motors 58.27
BMW 48.83
stellantis 42.35
Honda 41.98

Tesla is followed by Toyota with 193.82 billion dollars, Chinese BYD with 100.42 billion dollars and Volkswagen with 87.71 billion dollars.

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