Marek Hamsik is a true leader

Super It is unlikely that unsuccessful results in the League, Champions League and then in the Europa League will not affect self-confidence and morale. The result obtained yesterday revealed the fact that Trabzonspor, which is expected and missed, is coming again. In the first 30 minutes of the game, there was enthusiasm, forward pressure, receiving the second balls from the opponent and attacks developed from both sides. Hamsik in midfield this team A name of great importance. Yesterday, we saw once again that when Hamsik is on the field, a positive game setup emerges. A great leader who changes the direction of the game, sets the pace and communicates the pass with the front players. Whatever he scored Trezeguet’s excellent assist albeit where Hamsik is located an indicator of football intellect.
There is another fact that Siopis makes a great contribution with his aggressive and combative structure, even though he makes passing mistakes. In the front, I think his assist and the goal he scored brought a confidence to Trezeguet. But still Maxi when the ball hits the third zone Between Gomez, Djaniny and Trezeguet organization at the desired level not. Especially in the first half of the match, when the opponent was caught missing, if they could make the final pass, they could easily get the desired result in this section.
The result of the match is of great importance for the community after a long break. No one should ignore the fact that being a new team has its challenges. problems over time able to overcome there is a group of players but the fans need to support this team not only in success but also in failure.


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