Man who hit the jackpot in the lottery: I wish I hadn’t won

In India, the man who won the jackpot in the lottery, due to requests for help, “I wish I hadn’t won” came to say.

Photo: BBC

Anoop, who lives in the state of Kerala and makes a living as a chauffeur, won 250 million rupees (56.5 million liras) in the lottery organized by the state government on September 18. It was the jackpot and the largest amount ever awarded in the state. When it won, it was given wide coverage in the press.

According to the BBC, requests for help began to come from all over the state and even the country to Anoop, who became famous all of a sudden. Someone somehow reached by message and went to his door when he found his address.

‘I can’t take my child to the doctor’

One week after winning the jackpot, Anoop shared a video message asking people he doesn’t know to leave him and his family alone, and used the following statements: “I was flying when I won. People and the press came to our door. There was great media attention. But then things took a different direction. It’s out of control. They always ask for help. People I don’t know come to our door. We cannot leave the house. My child is sick, I can’t take him to the doctor because of the crowd at the door. They come every morning. Moreover, I have not received the money yet. Nobody understands me. Please leave us alone.”

Anoop said that they were planning to move out of the house due to the intense interest, but the only way to hide it would be to leave the house overnight and asked for help from the security units. “I wish I hadn’t won. I think the third jackpot would have been better. Maybe we wouldn’t have attracted so much attention” said.

The state government, on the other hand, announced that they will provide Anoop with training from the names he can consult on finance so that he can make good use of his money.