‘Major global failure’ experienced in Covid-19 outbreak

In the 58-page report prepared by the Lancet Commission, which was established by 28 scientists from different parts of the world, during the Covid-19 epidemic “failure of governments has caused millions of preventable deaths“The assessment has been made.

The report noted that most governments were caught off guard by the epidemic panic, thus failing to take into account vulnerable groups and ensure a high level of international cooperation for preventable deaths since 2020.

Noting that there are an estimated 17.7 million epidemic-related deaths worldwide, including those not reported to the authorities, the study argued that these are caused by widespread failures in transparency, rationality, basic public health practices, operational cooperation and international solidarity.

Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University, chair of the commission that prepared the report, said:The human losses in the first two years of the Covid-19 pandemic are a profound tragedy and a major societal failure on many levels. We have to face the facts‘ he stated.

Emphasizing that throughout the epidemic, most governments failed to adhere to the basic norms of corporate rationality and transparency, Sachs commented that many countries failed to encourage global cooperation to control the epidemic.


Now is the time to take collective action to end the pandemic, promoting public health and sustainable development, addressing global health inequalities, protecting the world against future pandemics, identifying the origins of the current pandemic and building resilience.Sachs, who made the evaluation, pointed out that the world has scientific talents and economic resources for all these.

It was shared that the report prepared by the Lancet Commission, which was created in the middle of 2020 and works in 12 different tasks with 170 expert members, is for United Nations (UN) member states, UN agencies, G20 and G7 member states.