Mahsa Amini protest from Iran National Team

in Iran Mahsa AminiThe national football team also participated in the protests that started with the death of . Iranian footballers came out of the game with the logo on their jerseys off.

Following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini by the police in Iran, various protest demonstrations began to be held all over the country and around the world.

As the protests in the country and around the world increased their violence, the Iranian National Football Team made a move that showed its solidarity with the protesters.

The Iranian Football Federation wanted the match to be played against Senegal to be played without spectators in Austria in order to reduce the severity of the reactions. Iranian footballers went arm in arm before the match ended 1-1 and closed the jersey and emblem by not removing their black coats during the ceremony.

Despite all the measures, the protesters seeking justice gathered outside the stadium to make their voices heard to the world.

“I will be kicked out of the national team in the worst case”

Iranian striker S for Bayer Leverkusenconsecutive Azmounreacted to what happened on social media with the following statements on Sunday and said:

“I would be kicked out of the national team in the worst case scenario. No problem. I’d sacrifice that for a strand of hair on Iranian women’s heads. This story will not be deleted. They can do whatever they want. They should be ashamed for killing so easily. Long live Iranian women.”

Azmoun, who later deleted this post and shared a message with less harsh expressions, blacked out his profile photo on social media as a sign of solidarity. Azmoun, who made another post after the Senegal match, apologized after his first post because of the comments made by other people, causing the peace in the team to be disturbed.

Reaction from Kayserisporlu Majid Hosseini

Wearing Kayserispor jersey in Turkey Majid Hosseini He also made a post on social media and called on the police to lay down their weapons. Legendary striker of Iran and star of 1998 World Cup Ali Daeito the regime “to solve the problems of the Iranian people instead of oppression, violence and arrests” told.