‘Mahsa Amini’ action in front of AKM! The head of the bar also cut his hair… – Medyabar

Sakarya The Women’s Platform made a press statement in front of the AKM for Mahsa Amini, who died as a result of torture after being detained by the morality police on the grounds that she did not comply with the hijab rules in Iran. Sakarya Bar Association head İlknur Ebiz Yıldız and the women with her cut their hair with scissors in protest.

The Women’s Platform association also made a press release for Mahsa Amini. In the statement, “Today we are only one voice here. But this voice is the voice of a rebellion. It is the voice of resistance. It is the voice that we do not bow to oppression and that we will not bow to oppression. This voice is the voice of everyone, man and woman. Today, every woman all over the world says the same thing…

“We don’t keep quiet, we don’t fear, we don’t obey”

The murder of 22-year-old Masha Amini in Iran is a crime against humanity. Mahsa Emini was detained and tortured to death by the morality police in the capital, Tehran, on the grounds that she did not wear the hijab properly. This is a religious issue, not a moral issue. It is a matter of regime and authority. And this is not just Iran’s issue. This is a matter for all women and all humanity in the world.

And for this reason, peoples all over the world, especially Iran, continue to react to the murder of Mahsa Emini and to increase their revolt.

We are tired of politics based on the female body.

We are fed up with the politics of faith made over women.

We are also tired of being interfered with how a woman dresses, how she lives, how many children she has, how she laughs, how she cooks beans, how she walks on the street, what job she does. We are tired of you blessing us with your mother’s holy, being killed in the middle of the street, and the cruelty of husband, wife, lover and father.

Not only here, but all over the world, women are tired of male-dominated politics and mentality. And this revolt is turning into a popular revolt by rising in waves today. Now we have come to the days when men take to the streets with us. All women, especially Iranian women, say enough of this persecution. With strong demonstrations and marches in the streets, he raises his rebellion against the male-dominated Iranian Regime and its misogynistic institutions such as the “morality police”.

Regardless of your beliefs, opinions or ideology, it is a crime against humanity to justify killing a person because of the clothes they wear.

We are our 23 year old girls. state We are on the streets because we rebelled against the murder of his hands.

We are on the streets because we oppose the release of rapists who raped our daughters and children.

We are on the streets for our brothers who were beaten and thrown into the streets by their husbands.

We are on the streets to argue that it is the will of women whether to cover or not.

We are on the streets because we rebel against the oppression of women all over the world under the male-dominated mentality that we have no security of life.

We are on the streets not to succumb to oppression and oppression.

We are on the streets to show that we are both in life and in the middle of a fight.

We’re on the streets to stop another woman being murdered

We are on the streets.

And we are on the streets until all the women take to the streets, until the whole world accepts that we do not give up our rights in our lives.

“Our word to all women who were killed in the person of Mahsa is that immorality is not in your visible hair, but in the mentality of male-dominated powers from Iran to the whole world. By combining this struggle with the rebellion and resistance of humanity, we will build a free world together.”

If bleaching my hair causes storms and winds

If my voice causes the ground to slide, if the span of my arms warms the climate

If my smile upsets the balance of the universe and creates instability and awakens all immoral instincts

If I am behind all natural disasters, then fear me, you are the mortal and unhappy one, I am the world itself…

I dedicate the speech to the memory of the other unnamed women who died in protests in Iran. to their statements Location given.