Mafia 1 is free on Steam

2K Games celebrates the 20th anniversary of the popular action-adventure game Mafia. Special for anniversary Mafia 1 Steamfree in it happened. The gameu It should be noted that there is a limited time to add it to your Steam library. The company also confirmed that it is working on a new Mafia game.

Mafia 1 worth 34 TL is free on Steam

The first game celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Mafia franchise exclusively on Steam. opened. According to 2K Games’ statement The first Mafia is free on Steam from September 1 to September 5 will be. But it should be reminded that the game is not on the new generation consoles.

The iconic third-person shooter, first announced in 2002, was the subject of 2K Games’ 20th anniversary events. The company has released a new Mafia game exclusively for the 20th anniversary. He underlined that they have developed a new technology and that it will be “completely new”.

Your new game Mafia 4 It is unclear whether it will be named. 2K Games, which suffered a great defeat with Mafia 3 and was criticized by the players, stated that it would completely redesign the series with the new production. Therefore, Mafia 4 may not want to continue with the name.

Remastered version of Mafia 1 Mafia: Definitive Edition It was developed by Hangar 13. The game was highly appreciated and managed to make 2K smile.

It should be noted that Hangar 13 also takes on the new Mafia. of the game release date Although it is not clear, it was reported that he was a few more years away.

Hangar 13 Manager Roman Hladik said, “I am happy to confirm that we are starting work on an entirely new Mafia project. “While we’re a few years away and can’t share more at the moment, we’re really excited to keep our players entertained with new stories.”

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