Made in Turkey: Countries lined up

While the investments of the world’s leading companies in Turkey led to a rapid increase in domestic smart phone production, 62 thousand 653 smart phones worth 9.4 million dollars were exported to 28 countries in the January-July period of this year.

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent, the world’s leading technology companies invest in Turkey, resulting in an increase in quality and capacity in domestic mobile phone production. While the trend towards domestically manufactured mobile phones was reflected in the figures, the number of devices manufactured last year increased to 6 million 904 thousand 630 units.

The production in question not only contributed to employment and high-tech R&D experience in Turkey, but also had an impact on exports. As of this year, the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) for smartphones started to produce foreign trade data.

According to TUIK data, 62 thousand 653 smartphones worth 9.4 million dollars were exported from Turkey in the 7 months of this year.


Smartphones were exported to 28 countries from Turkey in the January-July period. 53 percent of this was done in the Netherlands. 14 thousand 756 smartphones worth 5 million dollars were sent to the country in question.

9,800 worth 861 thousand dollars from Turkey to Lebanon, 4,247 worth 786 thousand dollars to TRNC, 11 thousand 930 worth 746 thousand dollars to China, 8 thousand 702 worth 519 thousand dollars to United Arab Emirates, Kosovo 985 smartphones worth 334 thousand dollars were exported to Hong Kong and 3 thousand 790 smartphones worth 231 thousand dollars were exported to Hong Kong.


On the other hand, while a total of 65 million dollars of smart watches, 23 million dollars of tablets and laptop computers were exported from Turkey last year, these figures were realized as 59 million dollars and 13 million dollars, respectively, in the 7-month period of this year.

The top 10 countries to which smartphones were exported in the 7 months of this year were:

Country Piece Amount (Dollars)
one Holland 14,756 5.040.949
2 Lebanon 9,800 861.070
3 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 4.247 785,955
4 Chinese 11,930 745,969
5 UAE 8.702 518,851
6 Kosovo 985 333,911
7 Hong Kong 3.790 230,950
8 Hungary 2,719 216,633
9 Ivory Coast 2.053 211,550
10 Greece 1.990 203,504

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