Love as we know it has lost its validity

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Disney+ Turkey’s new series ‘Between the World and Me’ met the audience. Players Demet Ozdemir, Bugra Gulsoy, Hafsanur Sancaktutan, Metin Akdülger and screenwriter Pinar Bulut TV series on T24 screens Muammar BravHe told . Screenwriter Pınar Bulut is the director of the series. “more of a relationship story than a love story” stated that.

‘Between the World and Me’ deals with the game played on social media in order to save the relationship of a woman who started with a great passion but realized that this great love between them is no longer the same as before, through the concept of commitment.

“No one is as innocent as they seem”

Expressing that her character’s tides and emotional collapses affected her a lot, Demet Özdemir said that she did not like her character very much at first, but “It’s fun to play a character that he’s not a fan of” stated and added: “But the more you get to know him, the more you like him. The more you get to know me, the more I like İlkin.”

Buğra Gülsoy said that the audience will find experiences, moments and emotions from their own lives in the series. “it’s the first time he played a character doing his own job” He stated that every episode will turn into a tangle even more.

Metin Akdülger about his character Kenan “There is a spirit, a very interesting rhythm of life that I have not portrayed before.” he said.

Hafsanur Sancaktutan also answered Brav’s question about innocence with the words of İlkin’s character “No one is as innocent as they seem”, and stated that the character Sinem, played by her, “found the truth with her mistakes”.

“I don’t have a bloody relationship with the mainstream”

Brav’s “Are you getting revenge on the mainstream?” Pınar Bulut to the question, “I don’t have a bloody relationship with the mainstream, I just go there. You can tell what you couldn’t say there on digital platforms… Doing business with digital encourages my pen… There is no time to be patient with describing subtle emotions in the mainstream.” gave the answer.

on the other hand “We are at a time when many systems are bankrupt and we are looking for new solutions, love as we know it is no longer valid” said Bulut, in the director’s chair. Hülya Gezerstating that it makes a difference that the executive producer is a woman. “If you have a woman with you whose intentions you are sure of, your back is not on the ground” said.

The actors of the series

Hülya Gezer sits in the director’s chair of the TV series “Between the World and Me”, produced by MF Production and written by Pınar Bulut. Demet Özdemir, Buğra Gülsoy, Hafsanur Sancaktutan, Metin Akdülger, İbrahim Selim, Melisa Döngel, Ali Yoğurtçuoğlu and Zerrin Tekindor is coming together.