Love and Hope, the story of love, hope and beginning again, meets the audience!

Elif Eda Başbaşılı (Zeynep character)

Are you appearing in front of the audience with a brand new daily series, Love and Hope? Do you think there is hope if there is love?

Of course, if there is love, there is always hope. When people fall in love, they can have a much more positive outlook on life. That’s when you see how easily the problems you have or may experience can be solved. But we can also think of the opposite. I can say two words that complement each other.

What kind of story awaits the audience? What would you like to say?

A warm, sincere, intriguing and dreaming, hopeful story awaits us that you will never be bored while watching and that you will be dying to watch the next episode. It is a story that teaches that everything in life is for people, showing that we are fed from both the positive and the negative. Even I am following the new episode scenario with interest.

You will be in front of the audience every day with Love and Hope. How does this make you feel? Can we say that it creates a different excitement?

We will be at the audience’s house every day and we want them to watch us every day. Of course, we are very excited. The audience will watch each new day with a different excitement and curiosity. We are just as excited as they are. We know how powerful the story is. I think we’re doing the right thing and we’re going to be loved for that. The feeling of being able to enter people’s hearts with each new day definitely makes us very excited.


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