Looking for someone to ‘give advice’ to the opposition!

The world is experiencing not only an economic crisis, but a more shocking ideological and political crisis. When the balance established during the Cold War fell out, “unipolar” The world did not last long either. Now the world is drifting towards a void. This gap is deepening with the pandemic, the Ukraine-Russia War and the food-energy crisis that followed.
And unfortunately, the political parties of the twentieth century are struggling to understand this new era.
From the rise of the far right and even fascism in many countries, “To Marxism return”is spoken of.
In this chaotic process, despite all the attacks, those who managed to survive President Erdogan, He stands out as a leader who notices this change in the world beforehand and takes precautions.

President Erdogan for the global system in the last 10 years, “The world is bigger than 5” output, “A fairer world is possible” While making Turkey the center of attention of the world with its demand and approach that protects the oppressed of the world, it also captures the spirit of the time in domestic politics. “national and local” with a policy “of your nation” got his support. Thus, while ensuring the country’s survival in the face of political and economic attacks, it also prevented it from drifting to extremes. His alliance with the MHP is of historical importance in this respect.
Unfortunately, since the opposition parties cannot read this great truth correctly, it is still ErdoganHe wonders how he survives and “adolescent opposition” They can’t go beyond being
Now Turkey is trying the economic model of this new political stance. Even if it is teased at first Turkey Economy modelit draws attention with its results that will surprise those who make fun of it.
Meeting with economists yesterday President Erdogan This is exactly what he was saying:

“As Turkey, we have faced these challenges. we’ve had for quite some time for which other countries went ahead ofwhimsical we can say. especially economics When we first spoke about the policy and when we apply it, many paddling against the current our approaches that he finds strange there was. Conversely, every global crisis, what is our approach? as accurate as the methods we have developed how realistic our practices are confirm how healthy you are did.”
Where the model brings Turkey is not an insider but an outsider, from France’s Montpellier Business School. prof. roy Thurik summed up:

“The Turkish economy even in 2020 recorded growth. Another such There is no country in the world. As well as inflation, wars, borders Although there are 5-6 million immigrants you are successful.”
Fondaş media, which did not see the point Turkey has reached, is now turning to the opposition. “mind someone who gives calling.
How can they not call Minister Erdoganrepels economic attacks, foreign policy moves and social housing project, the memorization of the opposition and its media. broke it. They are so bewildered that their tongues speak is wandering.
The previous day, Şirin Payzın and her friends were talking about the social housing project on Halk TV. their guests too prof. Dr. Tanju Tosunwas Known for its darkroom history Peace Terkoglualthough it was difficult to collect the question, finally managed to ask:

“Tanju Bey, let’s say the opposition reason to one of its leaders in this process. What would you say if you did?”
What can you say, Hodja Tanju talked about the opposition’s projects and connected it to the media:

“The issue of not being able to explain the 6-way table there is. They can’t tell the public what they have. I contact the issue I think it’s clogged in size…”
If tens of funded TV channels, global social media channels and US Fox TV support, which is said to be the most watched, cannot save the opposition, Tanju Hodja with this idea cannot. Don’t tire yourself out.