Look for Jupiter in the sky or you’ll wait 107 years

Jupiter59 years later WorldIt will come to the closest position to . According to experts, the planet, the largest in the Solar System, can also be seen in the sky. “Other than the moon, it must be one of the brightest objects in the night sky,” NASA Marshall Space Flight Center research astrophysicist Adam Kobelski said in a statement.

Visible to the naked eye

Kobelski suggested that those who want to watch Jupiter look to the eastern horizon around sunset today and the following days. Saying that Jupiter can also be viewed with the naked eye, the astrophysicist recommended that those who want to take a closer look should use a telescope of at least 4 inches or larger and green-blue filters. Thus, “the visibility of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and the cloud layers of the massive gas giant planet will increase”.

The closest they are 590 million kilometers

Earth and Jupiter follow elliptical rather than circular orbits, so the distance at which they coincide changes over time. Today, the two planets, which are 590 million kilometers apart, reach the farthest point from each other, and the distance between them increases to 965 million kilometers. It is considered rare for Jupiter to pass this close to Earth.

How does Jupiter appear in the sky?

Appearing in a very bright star-like shape in the sky, Jupiter appears quite bright compared to other stars, although it does not appear as bright as the brightest star Sirius. In other words, there is no star in the sky that looks as bright as Jupiter other than Sirius. Another detail that we can distinguish Jupiter from the stars is that the lights of the stars appear to be flashing in the sky. Jupiter appears fixed.