‘Local chains get ready for dry ice’

Selenay YAGCI

On the second day of YZB 2022, which was held for the 13th time this year and brought together thousands of stakeholders from manufacturers to suppliers, from retailers to companies providing services to the sector, Economist Ali Ağaoğlu, Technology Envoy of the Turkish Technology Development Foundation (TTGV) Emrah İnce, Energy Specialist Mehmet Doğan came together at the “Shaping Tomorrow” session. In the session moderated by Didem Arslanoğlu, the local fluctuations caused by international turmoil, the topics that the industry should pay attention to, the steps to be taken in the way of doing business, economic sustainability, the development to be achieved through the use of technology and local resources were discussed.

Energy expert Mehmet Doğan emphasized that the energy crisis will continue for the next 3-4 years and said, “There is a new trend in Europe. The price difference between the water taken from the refrigerator and the water standing outside… Cold units have to work continuously. In homes, devices with high energy efficiency should be selected. Chain stores need to be ready for dry ice operations.

Inviting everyone to produce their own energy in his speech, Doğan said, “If real prices are reflected in terms of energy costs, a 7-fold increase in natural gas is required. This is not done to the residences, but this increase is shown to the industry. This will increase product costs. In this case, some manufacturers will give up production,” he commented.

“The fertilizer corridor should be started”

Emrah İnce, Technology Ambassador of the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV), stated that the first affected topic is food, when the problems experienced by countries with each other are added to the global emergency situation. Agriculture reached a serious position. In this direction, the grain corridor issue that our country has started is very important. A fertilizer corridor needs to be started next year,” he said.

Talking about the effects of the corona virus, economist Ali Ağaoğlu said: “The pandemic has caused serious breaks in the supply chain. Then the Russia-Ukraine war broke out. Especially recently, the natural gas problem in Europe affects us as well. Even Europe, to the inflations created by these situations, interest trying to increase. But it was a little late to save this process. It is very difficult to fix this situation with interest. The key issue here is supply. It affects us both internally and externally. European exports come from foreign influences. Demands are falling and our exports are declining. On the other hand, the numerous daily regulations that occur inside affect the situation. We have an ongoing stock and reserve problem for 10 years. Maybe it will not affect the rate, but it will be a problem in the supply of goods and services.”