LGBT is not a choice but an imposition; they want to stop the generation, to eliminate religion

The former model, who came to the fore when she became a Christian during her marriage at the age of 23, and turned to Islam after her divorce Tugce Kazaz, “I would be very angry if I saw Tuğçe in my 20s today; I would even want to strangle her for being unfair to herself, her heart, conscience and organs” said. Kazaz also “LGBT is not a choice, it is an imposition. They want to destroy the LGBT family, stop the generation, reduce the population, eliminate religion” claimed.

Tuğçe Kazaz, who has recently come to the fore with her statements targeting the opposition and some segments of the society, From the morning newspaper Tugba Kalcikspoke to

Kazaz, claiming that the emptiness inside him deepened after he converted to Christianity, asked him to convert to Islam. “The only source that convinced my soul was the Quran” she told me.

Kazaz, about her modeling years, “It was a lost period for me. If I saw Tuğçe in my 20s today, I would be very angry with her. Because she was so unfair to herself, her heart, conscience and organs. Even if possible, she would want to strangle Tuğçe, I would not sit at the same table for two minutes. so far away from me. I did not value myself, I was unfair to myself. I misused the mind that God gave me. I did not value the family order and our values. But I got back from this mistake, thank goodness” said.

“LGBT is not a choice, it is an imposition”

Kazaz also said the following on the question about LGBTI:

“I value individual freedoms very much, I do not find it right to interfere with people’s preferences and I believe that they should be protected. Therefore, what I am going to say here does not target LGBT individuals at all. What I will say is against the global LGBT lobby that imposes genderlessness on them as if it were their choice. Because our young people are deliberately encouraged and directed towards this. LGBT It is not a choice but an imposition.It is an operation carried out by the global evil and a war against Allah to destroy the LGBT family, stop the generation, reduce the population, eliminate religion, destroy these generations by turning them hostile to nation states, and establish a one world state that is the provider of the evil order. The world’s superpower right now is neither the USA nor China. There is only one superpower in the world and that is the LGBT lobby. They will even destroy the states that oppose it. Therefore, if we do not stop this evil today, that devil will stop the human race tomorrow. Unfortunately, this lobby is art. some names from his community for their own purposes uses.”

“These names, whose sole purpose is to be on the agenda, to earn more money and to be popular, also serve the lobby. No one has the right to covet the gender of our children. In this direction, I will be at Sultanahmet Square on September 23 to put an end to the LGBT occupation. I am starting a protest march that will end and I invite everyone who wants to protect the young generations of this country to march with me.”

“If Erdogan supported LGBT and gave the PKK the green light, they would have loved him very much”

Kazaz, Kalçık’s “There is a segment that targets President Erdoğan. How do you explain this situation?” On the question he said:

“First of all, I want to say this. I support Turkey, not Erdoğan or the AK Party. As for their targeting, they target Turkey’s interests in the Eastern Mediterranean, not Erdoğan. and heavy industry moves, hydrocarbon-seeking ships, S-400s that will respond when they attack, city hospitals, UAVs, SİHAs, TOGG.

They are obsessed with roaring Turkey in the South Caucasus. They are obsessed with the terror state that could not be established and Turkey, which could not be destroyed despite all its attacks. They are obsessed with Turkey raising its head against giant powers, Hagia Sophia being opened, and the belief in God rising within the state… So the issue is not Erdogan, it’s Turkey. Otherwise, if Erdogan had supported LGBT and gave the green light to the PKK state, they would have loved him more than anyone else…”

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