Letter to FIFA: “Forbidden from World Cup”

Events continue in Iran. Finally, the players of the National Team went to the pre-match ceremony in black jackets.

Women’s rights group Open Stadiums in Iran recently sent a letter to FIFA President Infantino stating that women are still not allowed in stadiums in Iran.

In the group’s letter; “The Iranian Football Federation is not only a partner in the crimes of the regime, but also a direct threat to the safety of women wherever our National Team plays. Football should be a safe space for all of us.” was writing.

In the continuation of the letter; “This is why we, as Iranian football fans, express our deepest concern regarding Iran’s participation in the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Why would FIFA give a global stage to the Iranian state and its representatives when they not only refuse to respect basic human rights and dignity, but are currently torturing and killing their own people? Therefore, we ask FIFA to immediately remove Iran from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, based on Articles 3 and 4 of its statutes.”

The information contained in the said 3rd and 4th articles; human rights and non-discrimination based on gender, race, religion and other issues. In the event of a violation, FIFA may seek to remove the country in question from the global stage or punish it with expulsion.