Legislation on pension promotion is coming

While the pension promotion race of the banks continues, it is stated that most complaints will be resolved with legal regulation.

In the pension promotion application, which was also discussed at the Cabinet meeting a while ago, the intense complaints of the citizens will be detected and resolved with legal regulation. In the legal regulation that will come to the agenda with the opening of the Parliament, the issue of the salary blockage will be emphasized the most, and banks will be prevented from putting a block on the pension even if it is included in the contract article.

Although banks did not have any credit or payment problems, they were blocking the small number of promotions they had previously given. This resulted in intense complaints from both SGK and BRSA.


On the other hand, the fact that some banks do not give promotions to those who have loans will be prevented by legal regulation. Although some banks gave promotions up to 8 thousand liras, they did not give promotions to retirees who used consumer loans before. For retirees who want to move,close your credit first”they set the condition.

With the legal arrangement to be made, banks will not be able to block the pensioner’s salary in any way, even if he has a loan. Regulations will be made in the SGK system in this regard, and the citizen will be able to transfer his salary to the bank he wants without going to the bank.


Again, one of the problems that would enter into legal regulation was that the banks did not give promotions to retirees who were previously paid by themselves and whom they did not see as profitable. With the regulation, the bank that pays the SSI salary will not be able to distinguish between profitable and unprofitable customers and will give the promotion to all retirees. Otherwise, the agreement with SGK will be cancelled.

SGK has not been a party to such problems until now.

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