Leave the guarantee, look at the 7 billion difference to be paid

The operators of the Istanbul-Izmir Highway and Osmangazi Bridge announced that the number of guaranteed vehicles was reached for the first time this year, at least for the bridge crossing, and that the number of daily vehicles guaranteed by the state in the contract was realized for the first time this year.

The number was reached on the bridge, although not on other parts of the highway.

What would you expect in this situation?

Now that the guaranteed number has been reached, there will not be an extra payment from the Treasury this year to the contractors and operators of this bridge, right?

If the guaranteed number is exceeded, you hope that those who passed the money paid and the state will not pay anything, and you hope that nothing will come out of the pockets of taxpayers.

No sir it is not.

Let them explain the number of guarantees and how much additional payment they will receive from the Treasury even though the guarantee number is realized.

If it’s boring.

Of course, a money will be paid, and neither money…

If you want, I’ll give you a three or five calculation.

If 40 vehicles pass the Osmangazi Bridge a day, that is, if the guarantee number has been reached…

Passing vehicles paid 184 TL, approximately 10 dollars.

However, according to the contract, the amount to be paid per vehicle was 44 dollars plus 8 percent VAT, that is, almost 48 dollars.

The Treasury had to pay the contractors a difference of $38 for each vehicle passed.

In total, approximately $385 million difference was paid by the Treasury.

This means approximately 7 billion TL. In other words, an amount close to the sum of the livestock aid I mentioned in the above article will only be paid to the operators of a bridge as a difference.

And as the number of passing vehicles increases, the amount that the Treasury, that is, you and I, must pay will not decrease, on the contrary, it will increase.

That’s why they should let them go, the guaranteed number has been reached.

Let them explain how many liras they will receive from the Treasury this year.

If they have the heart to explain.

NOTE: The above account is approximate. Because there is no transparency in the country, we have to calculate the prices by looking at the tender specifications. There may be 3-5 percent plus or minus deviation.

When the ignorant don’t think everybody is ignorant, and the stupid think everybody is stupid.

Finalized budget expenditures and revenues for 2022 have been published.

When you read, you see how Turkey is governed and you learn not to be surprised by what’s going on.

Because no matter what the politicians say, no matter how hidden or distorted the numbers are, they are telling the truth in the end.

For you to understand the issue better, I will explain it in comparison with 2021.

Why did we complain the most in 2022?

Isn’t it because of the excessive increase in the prices of agricultural products in Turkey, the so-called agricultural country?

When you look at the actions of those who run the state, you see that these increases are not surprising at all, and that the blame is not on the markets, wholesalers or so-called stockists.

How Does…

Very simple.

2022 inflation was 64.2 percent according to TUIK and 137.5 percent according to ENAG, right?

Keep this in mind.

What is the rate of increase in Area Based Agricultural Supports in the same year?

44 percent. Two-thirds of official inflation, one-third of real inflation.

We complain that we eat meat too expensive, that we cannot afford milk and cheese, and that we will eat even more expensive food next year.

So how much has our government increased the livestock support expenses in 2022?

34 percent.

Half of the declared inflation.

One quarter of real inflation.

What about the increase rate in Supports for Rural Development Purposes?

Let me tell you, laugh.

Rural development supports increased by 12 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year.

I am not kidding. It actually increased by 12%.

One-fifth of its official inflation.

One-tenth of real inflation.

Do you understand why you bought meat and milk expensive, the price of cheese was based on 200 TL.

If you cut support for agriculture, you will pretend you are struggling by falsely selling the market, mistaking the storekeeper as a stockist and displaying them, but you will not be successful.

You already know from the beginning that you will not be successful, the aim is not to achieve success, but to show off and paint your eyes.

Meanwhile, additional payments to retirees increased by 56 percent, remaining below inflation.

What do you think our government, which reduced the support for agriculture and agricultural production in real terms, increased it?

Yes, you were not mistaken.

Borrowing expenses increased by 623 percent.

10 times the official inflation.

5 times the actual inflation.

And, of course, there is something more.

Resources transferred to TOKİ.

They also increased by 156 percent.

Two and a half times the official inflation.

So that they can build a house so that foreigners can buy it.

As you can see, nothing that happens to you is in vain.

It is up to you.


NOTE: The rate of increase in income is also interesting. We’ll mention them tomorrow as well.