Leaks frightening Europe! The energy sector is alarmed.

Created On: September 27, 2022 10:23

Yesterday, European authorities took action after the mysterious drop in pressure in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline announced a leak in the pipeline. In a statement from Denmark today, it was announced that a similar leak was discovered in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The country has alarmed the energy sector, and high-level preparations are being made for the electricity and natural gas sectors. But will the leaks have any impact on the gas supply? Here are the highlights…


After the Ukraine war that started on February 24 Russia Tensions between the West and the West are rising. Europe is preparing for a harsh winter in the shadow of gas shortages and rising prices, as Russian President Putin cuts gas to the continent significantly in retaliation for the West’s sanctions clamp on them.


Yesterday Nord Stream 2 The pressure in the pipeline suddenly dropped from 105 to 7, alarming the authorities. First statement after mysterious fall Germanycame from The German Ministry of Economy announced that they do not have clear information about the cause of the pressure drop and that investigations are continuing.

Leaks that frighten Europe The energy sector is alarmed...


A clear statement on the subject came from another European country, Denmark. Denmark has warned that there is a leak in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which carries natural gas from Russia in the Baltic Sea, and threatens maritime traffic.

It has been announced that a 9-kilometer-long no-entry zone has been created near Bornholm Island, where the pipeline passes.



The Danish Ministry of Energy stated in a statement yesterday that it took action after receiving the notice of a pressure drop in the currently inoperative pipeline, while in the latest statement today, it was stated that there were two similar leaks in Nord Stream 1.

The Danish climate and energy minister told AFP that the energy sector is on alert and that high-level preparations are being made for gas and electricity.

DESCRIPTION FROM THE COMPANY: ‘There was a rapid pressure drop on the 2A LINE’

Nord Stream 2 AG, which operates the line, explained that the decrease in pressure occurred at night.

Written statement from the company “There was a rapid pressure drop in the Nord Stream 2 A line” and it was emphasized that the subject was investigated.

The majority stake in the company is owned by the Russian government gas giant Gazprom.

Leaks that frighten Europe The energy sector is alarmed...

WILL IT AFFECT THE GAS SUPPLY?class=”medianet-inline-adv”>

Danish Ministry of Energy “There is no security risk from the leak outside the restricted area. The incident is not expected to have any impact on Denmark’s gas supply” it was said.

The Nord Stream 2 line was built to transport gas from Russia to Germany and other European countries, but the billion-euro project was stalled after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.

However, there is already pumped natural gas in the pipeline and it is feared that large quantities of gas will be released into the atmosphere.


The parallel pipeline Nord Stream 1 also remained closed for several weeks. Gazprom said an earlier leak has been repaired.

The European Union accuses Russia of using its gas supplies to blackmail Europe in the Ukraine War. Moscow denies this.


Energy prices have risen sharply since the invasion of Ukraine, and it is said that prices may increase further due to supply problems.