Leaf fall continues on Netflix!

The world’s largest companies continue to take certain measures due to the fluctuations and unpredictability in the global economy. Sometimes these measures may include cruel decisions such as dismissal. Netflix, one of them, has been going through a difficult process recently.

Netflix lays off 30 employees from its animation department

The platform, which went through turbulent times, announced that they had lost subscribers in the past months. Netflix, which has also had problems with its employees many times, is getting serious injuries with the strengthening of rival platforms. The platform, which previously stated that it will go downsizing, cancels many projects and goes to layoffs once again within the company.

Netflix Animation

On the other hand, Netflix thinks that the shrinking of the animation department will open the door to higher quality jobs. However, it is a matter of curiosity how the company, which has shrunk in the last 4 months, will work efficiently. Because the company parted ways with more than 450 employees during the summer.

Netflix alternative free platforms!

Netflix alternative free platforms!

We share free sites that can be an alternative to Netflix for people who do not want to pay for digital content platforms.

Aside from Netflix’s downsizing move, the huge hike that has been implemented in our country has been the talk of the last days. The company reflected the exchange rate increase in its prices. Netflix, which has been on the agenda for a while with suitable subscription claims with advertisements, still continues to lose subscribers, according to the information received.

Netflix Animation

Current Netflix Turkey membership fees;

  • Basic Plan: 45.99 TL – Single device, 480p Resolution
  • Standard Plan: 69.99 TL – Two devices, 1080p Resolution
  • Special Plan: 93.99 TL – Four devices, 4K + HDR Resolution

Previous prices;

  • Basic Plan: 37.99 TL – Single device, 480p Resolution
  • Standard Plan: 57.99 TL – Two devices, 1080p Resolution
  • Special Plan: 77.99 TL – Four devices, 4K + HDR Resolution

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