Last Minute: Yusuf Demir and Mauro Icardi statement from Erden Timur in Galatasaray!


Galatasaray Deputy Chairman of Sportif A.Ş. Erden TimurHe made a statement to Beyaz TV.


What can I say, I’m laughing, there’s nothing else to say. Okan Hodja said. Adelede probably had something on Wednesday, then something similar happened in the last practice. Okan Hodja also said that because something happened recently, there is nothing mentally. Nothing. That’s funny. I don’t want to believe it either, but I think people are trying to wear it out by making such things. Everyone went between the national team. Mata is gone too, now we have a MAY week and Mata will go again. Since they came at the last moment, they are collecting their things. Icardi’s plot also went for familial stuff.

I don’t know if it’s deliberately removed or really out of our midst, but if it is, it’s a very sad thing. Everyone can have problems from time to time in their family. This is not just for footballers. It can happen to everyone. There is a lot of talk about a person who is ten days old. I’m having trouble understanding. If he had gone alone, I’d say he’s misunderstood. Everyone is leaving.



Yusuf Demir is Turkish after all. We should not think about this only in terms of Yusuf. There are many players like Yusuf. It’s not about Joseph. It’s not about Galatasaray. Let’s say there are a lot of Turkish children who are Turkish citizens. It also violates Article 10 of the Constitution. It violates the right to work clause of the constitution. When these children come to Turkey, they can work directly elsewhere. But then he has to get a work permit. There is an inconsistency there. Among our players, players with Italian passports are also citizens of another country, but when they go to Italy, they play as Italians. It is the same in other countries. If he has a dual passport in Europe, he plays that way. If he does not play in the Austrian National Team, he will play in Austria as an Austrian citizen if he plays for the Turkish National Team. In other words, we are one of the rare countries that practice this. It needs to be resolved. It is out of the question for Yusuf Demir to go to the TFF President or the President.