Last minute: Transfer claim for Galatasaray striker Mauro Icardi from the Italian press! PSG and Milan…

Argentine star Mauro Icardi, who transferred to Galatasaray on loan from French Ligue 1 giant Paris Saint-Germain at the beginning of the season, almost found himself again in the yellow and red club.

The 29-year-old striker, who followed many giants with his great performance in Inter and made his way to PSG with a transfer fee of 50 million Euros, remained far from his appearance in Italy in the Paris team.

Mauro Icardi, who lost his chance to play in PSG, was hired to Galatasaray for one year at the beginning of the season, and once again managed to attract attention with his performance in the Super League.


World Cup Mauro Icardi, who played in 6 games between Besiktas He was the name that brought the victory with 2 goals scored in the derby.

In the break for the trophy, the return of Mauro Icardi, who missed 3 matches in the league after an injury in training Fenerbahce While with the derby, the Argentine star was enchanted with the football he put forward in 15 minutes.

The Argentine striker, who was included in the game instead of Barış Alper Yılmaz in the derby, assisted Kerem Aktürkoğlu’s goal 2 minutes later and sent the ball into the nets with a great shot from the left diagonal in 90+10.


Tango player, who was one of the greatest architects of the victory in the short time he took part in the derby, created wonders in the Hatayspor match and reached 5 goals and 4 assists in the league.

While Mauro Icardi was on the agenda in Europe, especially with his football in the derby, he was appreciated by President Özbek and Coach Okan Buruk.


Galatasaray President Dursun Özbek made a statement about Mauro Icardi’s performance after the derby match, saying, “Icardi played with a goal and an assist in 15 minutes. The goal he scored has no equal. He scored one of the very rare goals. Icardi is our player and extremely successful. Icardi doesn’t need 90 minutes. He can get the job done in 15 minutes. Congratulations to him too.” used his statements.

Last minute: Transfer claim for Galatasaray's striker Mauro Icardi from the Italian press PSG and Milan...


Emphasizing that Mauro Icardi is a top-level player at the press conference, Buruk said, “Icardi is a very important player for us… He left a great taste in our mouths with the football he played before the World Cup. He had an unfortunate injury. We chose this match to play. Icardi wanted to start over, but I didn’t want to risk him in a certain part of the game. We thought about it in the rest of the game. The minute was right. The story of the game matched him. He also wrote a great story with a goal and an assist. It was a pleasing result for us. His quality and play make us and the fans happy. I think it makes all football fans happy. Some players don’t just belong to the teams, they belong to the league. It is pleasing for Turkish football to have so many quality players in the league with us…”


Finally, in an interview with GS TV GalatasarayThe management also stepped in for Icardi, who expressed that he was very happy in .

While it was stated that the yellow and red people wanted to get the testimonial of the player whose rental contract will expire at the end of the season, a shocking claim came from Italy.

According to the news in the Italian press, there is a surprise for Mauro Icardi, whose testimonial is in PSG. transfer development took place.

Paris Saint-Germain, who wanted to sign Portuguese striker Rafael Leao, signed a contract with Milan for the player. Mauro Icardi It was stated that he would offer additional money.