Last minute… The US army hit Iran-related targets in Syria

Creation Date: August 24, 2022 07:08

According to a breaking news report in the Associated Press, the US carried out air strikes targeting Iranian-backed militias in eastern Syria.


USA army earlier today, Syriaeast of Iranianannounced that Turkey had carried out airstrikes targeting the areas used by the militias supported by the Revolutionary Guards.

The statement stated that the attack was carried out to “limit the risk of tension and minimize the risk of casualties”.

“Today’s attacks were necessary to protect and defend US personnel,” Colonel Joe Buccino, spokesman for the US Central Command, said in a statement.

Buccino made the following statements in his statement;

‘At the instruction of President Biden, US military forces conducted precision air strikes in Deir ez-Zor, Syria today. These precision strikes are aimed at defending and protecting US forces from attacks similar to those carried out on August 15 by Iran-backed groups against US personnel.’


On the other hand, Iran and Syria have not yet made a statement on the subject.

CNN International news announced to its readers with the headline ‘Biden ordered air strikes against Iran-backed groups in Syria after the attacks near the base where US soldiers were located last week’.

In the news, it was underlined that Buccino stated that 400 hours of reconnaissance were made to determine the targets.


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