Last Minute: The insistence of Mauro Icardi in Galatasaray continues! He conveyed his preference…


Continuing the search for strikers GalatasarayMauro Icardi He persists in his transfer.

According to the news of Nicolo Schira; The yellow-red club, which has good relations with the Paris Saint-Germain front, is determined to finish the transfer of the Argentine football player. Galatasaray wants to end the transfer by paying a large part of the star player’s salary.

On the other hand, it was stated that Mauro Icardi stated that Wanda Nara, who is his wife and manager, was looking forward to playing in the yellow and red team after the meetings with Galatasaray were positive.


The critical date for Mauro Icardi is August 31, today. If in Europe transfer If PSG does not receive an offer from Italy or England on this date, when the board of directors will be closed, the possibility of Turkey will be strengthened with the approval of Wanda Nara.



If Icardi does not transfer to Sevilla or another club in Europe today and stays in PSG, the French team is expected to lease the Argentinean player to the yellow-reds for 1 year.

If Icardi goes to another club, Galatasaray will take on Shamar Nicholson, who plays for Spartak Moscow.


The yellow and red team met with the Argentine football player’s wife Wanda Nara, who is also his manager, twice in Istanbul, and the first offer was revised after these meetings. Galatasaray management had initially offered to provide free rental and 2.5 million Euros of his 8.2 million Euro salary. However, while the free rental clause was not changed in the last offer, the salary payment was increased to 3 million Euros.


Wanda Nara, who toured Istanbul after the talks got serious, was amazed by the city after visiting the famous restaurants, SPAs and the Bosphorus in the city where she stayed for 2 days. It was stated that the admiration of the beautiful name to Istanbul would play a big role in the transfer.

Speaking about Galatasaray’s interest in his wife in the shadow of all these developments, Wanda Nara said, “I can advise or give ideas to Mauro, but he will decide whether to leave PSG or not.” With his words, he left the door open for transfer.



The last claim about Mauro Icardi’s new stop came from France. world famous french Sport newspaper L’Équipe wrote that Trabzonspor is also feeling the pulse of the Argentine striker, with whom Galatasaray is in close contact.

According to the news; The burgundy blue team contacted PSG to inquire about the 29-year-old football player’s condition. Asking the conditions of the capital representative for the transfer of Mauro Icardi, Trabzonspor received bad news from the experienced player. It was stated that the Argentine football player did not look warmly at Trabzonspor.


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