Last Minute: The claim of Mauro Icardi from Argentina! Is he quitting football? Confusing developments…


Sport A goalless away draw with Adana Demirspor in the 8th week of Toto Super League. GalatasarayHe was not included in the squad due to a slight injury. Mauro IcardiThe repercussions of ‘s departure to Argentina continue.

It was revealed that Mauro Icardi, who did not go to Adana due to a slight injury, flew to Argentina in a hurry. According to the news of Teleshow from the Argentine press, Mauro Icardi, who landed in the country on Saturday morning, Wanda Nara He wanted to go to the house where he and his daughters were, but he was frustrated. Wanda Nara did not want to take the Argentinian football player home. Nara’s bodyguards had also warned Icardi not to cause any trouble and removed him from the house.

Last Minute: Incident from Argentina Mauro Icardi claim Does football leave Confusing developments ...



The last share of the star football player, who returned to Istanbul from Argentina, was on the agenda again. Mauro Icardi shared a photo from his personal Instagram account from his flight back to Istanbul.

“I’m coming back as a happy person,” the Argentine striker shared. While this post of the star football player was interpreted as reconciling with Wanda Nara, a few hours later he started to follow Wanda Nara, who had been unfollowed recently.

Last Minute: Incident from Argentina Mauro Icardi claim Does football leave Confusing developments ...


According to the claim of the radio channel RedBoing broadcasting in Argentina, Mauro Icardi is considering taking a radical decision for himself. It was claimed that Icardi considered the possibility of quitting football in this context.

Mauro Icardi cheated on Wanda Nara in the past and the two broke up. In the news in the MARCA newspaper at that time, it was stated that the Argentine player was considering quitting football.


Erden Timur, Deputy Chairman of Galatasaray Sportif AŞ, explained the details of the process in the interview he gave to Beyaz TV about Mauro Icardi.


“What can I say, I’m laughing, there’s nothing else to say. Okan Hodja said. Something must have happened in Adele on Wednesday, then something similar happened in the last practice. Okan Hodja also said that he has experienced something recently, so there is nothing mentally. “There’s nothing. It’s funny. I don’t want to believe it either, but I think people are trying to wear it down by making things like this. Everyone went to the national team. Mata is gone, now we have a MR week, Mata will go again. They come at the last minute to collect their things. Icardi’ The subject of the story also went for familial things.”

“I don’t know if it’s deliberately removed or it’s really among us, but if it is, it’s a very sad thing. Everyone can have problems in their family from time to time, too. This is not just something specific to football players. It can happen to everyone. There is so much talk about a person who has ten days of life. I’m having a hard time understanding it. If he had gone alone, I’d say he was misunderstood. Everyone is leaving.”



Galatasaray Coach Okan Buruk gave the following answer to the question about Icardi not being in the squad at the press conference he held after the Adana Demirspor match.

“There was a problem in his back muscle. We looked at his situation in the last training, but his pain continued. Last week was not good. It was a week that did not go well for him, not only in the field, but also in his private life. We were not included in the squad as the pain continued. He will be with us in the next match. “

Last Minute: Incident from Argentina Mauro Icardi claim Does football leave Confusing developments ...

LAST WEEK, they were thought to have made peace.

Wanda Nara – Mauro Icardi couple had a very active Sunday last week. Wanda Nara announced on her social media account that her 9-year relationship with Icardi had ended on the evening of September 22.


“It is very painful for me to live this moment. I will not give any more detailed clues about this separation. Please I ask that you understand, not only for me, but also for our children.” Wanda Nara, who used the expressions, responded to the reactions from social media: I wanted to stay, but I left. It hurts, but I had to do it for my mental health. I had to be selfish and I chose myself. Consider me too.


At the time of the news about their divorce and division of property, Icardi disclosed his conversations with Wanda Nara towards the evening of September 25.

Wanda: Where are you?
Icardi: ?
Wanda: If you ask me, I will give the same answer.
Icardi: I’m alone, you left me. Do I have to explain to you? Now you want to rule my life?
Wanda: You’re somewhere else when you should be with the kids. You don’t say where you are, do you? This is worse for you.
Icardi: “How poisonous!
Wanda: You’re a vigilant liar too!


Icardi then shared a screenshot of the screen where Wanda Nara called him and asked his followers, ‘Should I open it or not?’ she asked.


Sharing the screenshot of the screen talking to Wanda Nara shortly after revealing the messages, Icardi dropped the note ‘I love you poisonous’. This sharing was interpreted as the duo reconciled.


The famous couple, who separated at the end of 2021, reconciled with Icardi’s apology on social media and continued their marriage. It was revealed that Icardi had an extramarital affair at that time, and it was alleged that Wanda Nara had cheated on the Argentine football player with her protection. Finally, it was revealed that Nara was at a nightclub with the famous rapper L-Gante while Icardi was spending time with his children in Istanbul.

After these events, the two unfollowed each other.

Last Minute: Incident from Argentina Mauro Icardi claim Does football leave Confusing developments ...


While the Argentine press was shaken by the separation of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, a bomb fell on social media. A model and social media phenomenon named Guendalina Rodriguez announced that she has been in a relationship with Icardi since 2019.

Guendalina Rodriguez, a trans person, posted a WhatsApp message with Mauro Icardi from her 36 thousand followers Instagram account. Rodriguez, who concealed +90, Turkey’s country code, at the beginning of Icardi’s number, said, “We have had a conflict-filled relationship since 2019. I would say it’s an intermittent romance. It’s because Wanda and kids are there and she has a great career. He could neither accept nor refuse. said.” she said.

He also texted Mauro Icardi saying, “Get ready! After 3 years, Mr. Icardi has not forgotten me. You see that he is calling from a Turkish number. I will be in Turkey with him soon.” “They are currently in the process of divorce. So I will explain everything at the right moment.” said.

Guendalina Rodriguez’s Instagram profile photo includes a photo of herself and Icardi in Galatasaray jersey.


If Wanda Nara – Mauro Icardi gets divorced, the property division process is expected to be very difficult.

According to the news in the Argentine press, the assets acquired by the couple during their 9-year marriage are as follows:

-World Marketing Football – 100% by Wanda Nara
-M19 – Brand of Mauro Icardi
-Wanda Cosmetics
-7 luxury cars (Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, Bentley Bentayga, Rolls Royce Ghost, Hummer H2, Mercedes Benz G-Class, Range Rover, Cadillac Escalade)
-5 houses in Argentina
-4 houses in Italy
-A villa by Lake Como
-A villa in Galliate