Last minute: Statements from President Erdogan in the USA

Statements by President Erdogan in the USA

Highlights from President Erdogan’s statements are as follows:

“We are a country that offers all levels of education to our children completely free of charge. We strive to strengthen education in every field, from increasing the number of classrooms to the appointment of teachers, from free textbooks to helping families with limited economic conditions.

With the 4+4+4 education reform, we have increased the schooling rates throughout our country. By encouraging the education of our girls, we increased the enrollment rate above 90 percent. We increased the enrollment of children over the age of 5 to 93 percent. We aim to reach 100 percent in the coming period.

We have implemented international professional and qualification institutions. Another issue that we focus on meticulously is vocational training. We establish close cooperation between our vocational institutions and industrial institutions at the age of learning by producing. We implemented international vocational and technical Anatolian high schools.

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency TIKA provides training and technical support to underdeveloped and developing countries. We offer free education to thousands of students in our country. We do not keep the children of more than 4 million refugees separate from our own children, and we make every effort for their education.

We added the Environment and Climate Change course to the curriculum to instill environmental awareness from an early age. With these thoughts, I greet you all on behalf of myself and my nation.”

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