Last minute: Seferovic’s option in Galatasaray is in danger


GalatasarayHaris, who was hired by Benfica for 1 year at the beginning of the season, Seferovic, first with the successful performance of Bafetimbi Gomis, and then with the transfer of Mauro Icardi, he became the third striker in the team. Coach Okan Buruk will place Icardi, who played Calvo’s own goal in the last Konyaspor match and had a large share in the winning goal, in the top 11 in this week’s Adana Demirspor match. According to their current form situation, Icardi’s backup will be Gomis, and in this case, Seferovic will have almost no chance to play.


On the other hand, it is possible for Seferovic to come out completely to the stands because Galatasaray, which has 16 foreigners, has to exclude at least 2 foreigners from the squad every match. In the last Konyaspor match, Mata and Ross were not included in the squad. With Mata ready, the probability of Seferovic being sent to the stands will increase even more. According to the agreement between Galatasaray and Benfica, Seferovic has to play 20 official matches for the 2.5 million Euro purchase option to take effect. The Swiss football player has played 6 times, 4 of which are in the starting 11 so far.


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