Last minute: Russian President Putin challenged! Here is the much awaited talk…

Creation Date: December 21, 2022 15:12

Russian President Vladimir Putin made an assessment on the agenda at the Russian Defense Ministry. Emphasizing that NATO is against Russia with all its potential, Putin said that they will improve the readiness of nuclear weapons for war.

The Kremlin announced this morning that Russian President Putin will make important statements at the Russian Defense Ministry. Putin’s highly anticipated statement has just arrived. In his speech, the Russian leader challenged both Ukraine and NATO.


In his speech to military officials, Putin gave important messages that the government would stand by the army and said: “NATO’s full potential is being used against Russia. Russia will increase its military capacity and fulfill all its duties.” he said.


Underlining the need to increase war readiness, Putin said, “We will equip the army with modern weapons. The experience we have gained in Syria will be used. We will analyze NATO in the best way.” said.

Stating that the nuclear weapons developed by Russia will be activated soon, Putin said, “At the beginning of next January, the Admiral Gorshkov frigate from the Soviet Union Fleet will put into service the unique Zircon sea-based hypersonic missile systems in the world. The level of modern weapons in the Strategic Nuclear Forces has exceeded 91 percent. Strategic Missile “The forces continue to be equipped with Avangard modern missile systems. In the near future, intercontinental ballistic missiles ‘Sarmat’ will be put on combat duty for the first time. We will continue to ensure that the nuclear triad is ready for combat conditions and to improve it. This is the guarantee of preserving our sovereignty, territorial integrity and general balance of power in the world.” said.


Stating that partial mobilization raises certain problems, the Russian leader said, “The 150 thousand reservists trained are enough for the situation. We do not have any financial problems. The armed forces will be supported as much as they want.” made statements.

Arguing that before the war with Ukraine, they did their best to establish good relations with Kyiv. Putin“For years, we have tried to establish relations with Ukraine in new geopolitical conditions. We did everything we could to establish not only good relations but also fraternal relations in the new world. We gave loans, provided energy supply for years. But nothing worked. We have no doubt that our strategy is right at the moment,” he said. We have no doubt that we will achieve the goals we set for ourselves,” he said.


Speaking after Putin, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu accused the West of trying to perpetuate the conflict in Ukraine, saying that Russian forces are actively destroying Ukraine’s military potential.

He said that the last mobilization move, which added 300 thousand reserve soldiers to the armed forces, was a serious test for the country and the army. RussiaUnderlining that Turkey has increased its combat capability, Shoigu said that his country’s UkraineHe claimed that he declared war to save the people in Turkey from genocide and terrorism.