Last minute: President Erdogan’s harsh words to Greece: Come to your senses

President Recep Tayyip ErdoganHe spoke at the AK Party Extended Provincial Presidents meeting. The highlights of Erdogan’s speech are as follows:

“After this glorious victory that turned the Mediterranean into a Turkish lake, the Mediterranean turned into a sea of ​​peace. With the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the Mediterranean also became the scene of turmoil, conflict and imperialist occupation.

We are deeply saddened by the fact that the Mediterranean today is associated with tension and the deaths of immigrants. Thousands of oppressed children and women fleeing Syria gave their last breath in the raging waters of the Mediterranean. Western countries preferred to play the three monkeys in the face of the tragedies. Doors that were closed to refugees were opened wide to PKK terrorists and FETOist scoundrels.


The murderers who shed the blood of our citizens, especially the camp in Greece, are protected. He can roam freely. As the terror nests in Syria and Northern Iraq are destroyed, the members of the terrorist organization set up new camps for themselves. Those who talk to us about the law of neighborhood should not turn a blind eye to them.


Last night in Mersin, PKK scoundrels martyred 1 of our police officers and injured one of our police officers. The terrorists immediately got what they deserved. If you follow them, they will either go to HDP, or to groups that CHP considers journalists, or to western countries. There are traces of blood spilled in every terrorist attack. The same is true for the West. The snake stings the outstretched hand. The place of terrorists is courts and prisons. We expect all countries, starting with our neighbors, to take the necessary measures without any discrimination. We want peace and tranquility in all our hearts. We want stability and security in our region.


While emphasizing diplomacy, we are strengthening our defense industry by following the footsteps of Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha. Our country is currently one of the 10 countries in the world that designs and builds warships. We can manufacture our national warships ourselves.

Recently, the construction of our multi-purpose amphibious assault ship Anadolu continues. With the entry of Anatolia into service, our country will rise to a different league in this field. We are trying to be worthy of our ancestors while someone turns the day of liberation of Izmir from Greeks into a day of insult to the Ottomans. While others are pursuing enmity towards Sultan Abdulhamid, we show respect to our ancestors. While some people imitate the West and curse their ancestors, we protect all our values.


We are well aware of the intentions of those who provoked Greece and set it upon us. We will not compromise on the defense of our country, and we will not let our time, energy, and distraction scenarios get in the way. On the one hand, we will not deviate from our goals while declaring the limits to the unbelievers.

The weapons piled up in Western Thrace and the islands mean nothing to us. Our strength and capabilities are far beyond that. We would like to remind you that this means a covert occupation. Come to yourself. Do you think the support from the USA and Europe will save you, you can only skate, it will not save you.


The geography, in which our country is located, is experiencing painful days. The whole world is struggling with serious crises from terrorism to conflicts, from food to drought. Wherever we turn, we encounter a ring of fire. While the health-related dimension of the epidemic is left behind, the destruction in the economy is coming to light.


Everything has become more complicated with the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The USA and Europe have to deal with high inflation. The negative effects of the Russia-Ukraine war began to be felt in different areas. Shelves are emptying, some are laying off workers. As winter approached, fear struck the Western world. Western leaders are trying to prepare for the winter conditions with the statements they make every day.

Just as Turkey overcame the health crisis dimension of the epidemic, it also successfully manages the negative reflections of the global economic crisis. Both our labor force participation and employment rates are increasing. After the New Year, we will see the figures in the economy, stability and walking by getting stronger.


Those who do business in the political arena and those whose hearts beat for their country need to be more diligent than anyone else. It is understood that the opposition wing will resort to different ways. Those who cannot compete with us with works and services, find the solution by slandering our projects. They showed the last example of this in the social housing project.

What does the opposition say, still ignoring our 1 million 170 thousand houses and throwing mud at new houses. We don’t do anything that isn’t us. Our project, in which we allocate special quotas for our youth, retirees and disabled people, is very popular. Those who talked about rents yesterday, what did you do? You have 14 metropolitan municipalities, what did you do? You can’t.


Even the events of the last two weeks show the difference between us and the freaking six table. The 2023 elections will be a milestone in which wedge politics will be thrown into the wastebasket, along with many turning points in our country.

We are not separated from the nation. A politician cannot become an administrator by breaking away from the nation. Our nation is the one who established the AK Party, brought it to power and kept it alive, and who will give it the responsibility of power again in 2023. I want you to work day and night as the entire AK Party community until the election day.”