Last minute: Police house attack in Mersin… Minister Akar: The attack was organized in Syria


Minister Akar accompanied by Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, Land Forces Commander General Musa Avsever, Naval Forces Commander Admiral Ercüment Tatlıoğlu, Air Forces Commander General Atilla Gülan, Deputy Ministers of National Defense Şuay Alpay, Alpaslan Kavaklıoğlu and Muhsin Dere attended the event held at the Ministry of National Defense for Veterans Day. .

Speaking at the ceremony, which started with a moment of silence and the singing of the National Anthem, Akar, the founder of the Republic, Mustafa Kemal AtaturkHe started his speech by expressing his pleasure to meet with veterans on the meaningful day, which was given the title of “veteran and marshal” and also accepted as Veterans Day.

Last minute: Police house attack in Mersin... Minister Akar: The attack was organized in Syria


Akar, who commemorates especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, his comrades in arms, all martyrs and veterans who passed away for eternity, MyrtleHe conveyed his wishes of healing to the heroic police and the injured, who were martyred in the treacherous attack on the police house in Mezitli district of Turkey. Akar said, “We have the knowledge that treacherous terrorists and scoundrels, who could not stand against Mehmetçik in the north of Iraq and Syria, organized these attacks in Syria. .

At a time when the security environment is reshaped and the balance of power, actors and roles are constantly changing. President Akar stated that Turkey, whose sphere of influence and interest is expanding day by day under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, follows all developments closely and put forward effective and proactive policies in its region and in the world with its deep-rooted history, dynamic population, growing economy and strong army. He also mentioned the increasing Greek provocations recently.


Emphasizing that while Turkey, as the leading actor, strives for peace and stability, Greece, which “constitutes the most obvious example of bad neighborliness”, continues its expansionist and aggressive policies with its provocative actions and rhetoric, and said:


“Greece, which is the party that escalates the tension with this attitude, recklessly accuses Turkey. This is hypocrisy and hypocrisy. Also, this bad neighbor, who complains about Turkey to others at every opportunity, reveals his hostile attitude. Especially recently, some Greek politicians who are irresponsible, Turkey- Greece is poisoning its relations with new delusions every day. The fact that radar locks have been placed on our planes that have been carrying out NATO activities recently shows that Greece has become so arrogant that it ignores the basic principles and values ​​of NATO. As a matter of fact, a former US diplomat also criticized this move of Greece. He stated that he saw it as a sign of escalation and ‘hostile behaviour’. Again, the shooting of a commercial ship by the Greek Coast Guard immediately after this incident took the tension to a new level.”



Describing Greece’s construction of a so-called genocide monument on Kos Island as another provocation of Greece, Akar said, “The real atrocities and genocide were in Tripolice during the period when it rebelled against the Ottoman Empire, of which it was a subject, and in the attempt to invade Anatolia between 1919-1922. It was done by Greece. They are the ones who committed the same atrocities against our compatriots in Cyprus. From this point of view, Greek politicians, if they are looking for a document of shame, it is enough to look in the mirror. These hypocrites not only threaten stability in the region, but also shamelessly manipulate the facts at every opportunity and in any environment. He does not hesitate to complain about Turkey and to take an anti-Turkey attitude,” he said.


Pointing out that Greece abandoned the 1923 Lausanne and 1947 Paris Peace Treaties and piled up arms on the islands with non-military status, Akar said:

“With the provocation of some and unfortunately with the connivance of the EU, they have assumed the role of a spoiled child, fueling instability in the region with unprecedented, irrational and irrational demands and practices, and ruthlessly wasting their own people’s resources out of pure concern for the political future, in a futile effort to take up arms. The Turkish people, who have become a Turkish nation, have expanded 3 times in 7 stages since the day it was founded, accusing Turkey of expansionism by saying ‘Neo-Ottomanist’, despite the fact that it has come under our noses; By taking away the rights of the minority and ignoring the Turkish existence, trying to intimidate them with assimilation policies and pressure, committing an almost conscious identity genocide, collaborating with terrorist organizations and giving them all kinds of support, ruthlessly pushing the refugees back, sinking their boots and making babies in the cold and dark waters of the Aegean. Everyone with intelligence and conscience understands the true face and intentions of those who kill and then talk about human rights in a ruthless manner. History will write that the Greek politicians left people to die and that they had the blood of babies on their hands, not their inventions. The plague of innocent people rests on Greek politicians. As our President has also stated, international institutions should impose strong sanctions on Greece, which has turned the Aegean into a refugee graveyard, and say ‘stop’ to these crimes against humanity.”



Akar said, “We have given the necessary response to all kinds of unfair and unlawful attitudes and actions of Greece on the field and at the table within the scope of reciprocity, and it should be known that we will do so in the future.” . In this context, Akar emphasized that Greece was in great error and made the following statements:

“We have never allowed these fait accomplis and impositions. they may have forgotten that they are breathing, but in the name of good neighborliness, let us remind you of the seriousness of this matter. Stop following the wrong path. Stay away from provocations that will invite disaster. Do not descend into the well with the rope of others. Once again, our sincere call to the sane Greeks; to come to the dialogue table so that it can be resolved through peaceful methods, in accordance with the law, within the framework of good neighborly relations and through mutual dialogue.”

Akar stated that they aim for the Aegean and the Mediterranean to be a sea of ​​friendship for peace and stability, and for all wealth to be shared fairly, and continued as follows:

“In this respect, it would be in the interests of both the region and NATO for Greece to see Turkey as a reliable and effective ally and neighbor instead of seeing it as a threat. Our neighbor Greek people should also be sure that Turkey is in peace with Greece. Our expectation from third parties is that they look at the issue impartially and objectively in the light of international law, reason, logic and science. we’re capable of that.”


Noting that Turkey, which is a country that “produces security” in its region and in the world, has followed an effective and constructive policy in the Ukraine crisis from the first day, Akar said, “In this context, Turkey, in the face of the risk of energy and food crisis arising from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Mr. He carried out an active diplomacy under the leadership of our President,” he said.

Grain Shipment Agreement signed in Istanbul, UNDescribing it as one of Turkey’s greatest achievements in recent years, Akar said, “Turkey has also most clearly demonstrated its critical role and effectiveness in the diplomatic field with its constructive contribution and hosting to the process.”

Emphasizing that the safe shipment of grain from Ukrainian ports to other countries through the Joint Coordination Center, which started its activities on July 27 under the coordination of the Ministry of National Defense, continues as planned, Akar said, “To date, more than 200 ships and more than 5 million tons of grain have been out of Ukrainian ports.” .

Describing the martyrs and veterans as immortal monuments of love for the homeland, nation and flag, the pride of Turkish heroism and self-sacrifice, and the inspiration of the Turkish army, whose past is full of glory and honor, Akar said, “The best response to those who attack our unity and brotherhood is; You are the ones who are fighting shoulder to shoulder with the belief that “If I die a martyr, if I stay a veteran”, it is not enough to be proud of you and how proud we are of your heroism. .


Veteran Second Lieutenant Adem Püskül, who lost one of his legs as a result of the explosion of a mine trapped by terrorists during the mine exploration-clearing activity in Şırnak, also made a speech at the ceremony. Stating that the martyrdom and veteran’s offices have a special place in the eyes of the nation, Püskül reminded the expression, “Martyrs are illuminated and veterans are honored soldiers.”

Stating that he is honored and proud to be a veteran, Püskül stated that he has adapted to life and social life thanks to the support shown to him. “This land, which was made a homeland by shedding blood, will be forever protected by the Turkish nation as the most sacred relic, as it has been until today,” said Püskül.

The ceremony ended with the concert of the Janissary Band and the artist Esat Kabakli.

On the other hand, before the ceremony at the Atatürk Cultural Site, Minister Akar, accompanied by the TAF command staff and Deputy Ministers, met with the veterans, their families and Mehmetçik at dinner.

Akar, who took a close interest in a total of 139 veterans and their families participating in the event, had a souvenir photo taken with the children.