LAST MINUTE NEWS: Putin’s reaction to the USA ‘Patriot’ – Last Minute Turkey News

Last minute news! Russian President Vladimir Putin answered the questions of Russian journalists about the agenda at the Kremlin Palace.

Regarding the US support for the Patriot air defense system to Ukraine, Putin said, “This will only prolong the conflict.”

Stating that the Patriot systems are ‘quite old’, Putin said, “The Patriot air defense system that the USA provides to Ukraine is a very old weapon system that Russia can counter. It does not work like our S-300 system. Of course, we will take this move into account, but every step of the way Time finds an antidote.” he said.

Stating that Russia wants the war in Ukraine to end, Putin said, “Our aim is not to turn the wheel of military conflict, but to end this war. We strive for this and we will continue to strive. All armed conflicts, one way or another, end through negotiations through diplomacy. “We did not give up negotiations. The Ukrainian administration forbade it to negotiate.” used his statements.


Defining Western countries’ price ceilings on Russian oil and gas as a “continuation of colonialism”, Putin said, “They are used to stealing and stealing.”

Emphasizing that the price ceiling will not affect the Russian economy, Putin said, ‚ÄúThis is just an attempt to regulate prices in an administrative way. It will not lead to good things in the gas field as it is in the oil field,” he said.

Noting that Russia continues to pay Ukraine for gas shipments through Ukraine, Putin said, “They call us aggressors, but they continue to charge us for gas transit.”

Details of the last minute development coming soon‘also…