Last minute… New development in KPSS investigation: Preliminary investigation concluded


President of YÖK Erol Ozvar2022 KPSSHe reminded that the Council of Higher Education regarding the allegations regarding some of the questions in .

Özvar said, “As I have explained before, we initiated and concluded this preliminary examination. Today, the KPSS examination report will be evaluated in the General Assembly, and then the necessary procedures will be tested about the result. It is possible to say that it has been concluded. We will have passed the preliminary examination report from the General Assembly. I think that the general assembly will take the necessary measures and the proceedings will proceed within the framework of the views it has put forward,” he said.


KPSS 2022On allegations that questions were leaked in investigation After the initiation of ÖSYM President Prof. Dr. Bayram Ali Ersoy announced that the exam was canceled. prof. Dr. Ersoy said, “Such a picture cannot be accepted in terms of both the working principles of our institution, the law and the conscience of the public. At the instruction of our President, the State Supervisory Board immediately took action and started an investigation. After the comprehensive evaluations, both the KPSS sessions held on July 31, 2022. The sessions, which were planned to be held on August 6-7 and August 14, 2022, were postponed.