Last minute: Missile step from Russia: Can be deployed near the USA!

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, said that the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” carrying “Tsirkon” hypersonic missiles, USAreported that it could be deployed near the Potomac River in .

Medvedev, in a written statement on Telegram, argued that the USA spent tens of billions of dollars for the war in Ukraine, provided huge weapons aid and “killed thousands of people” through others.

Noting that the US administration is the “real heir” of Joseph Goebbels, the minister responsible for Nazi Germany’s propaganda, Medvedev said, “The main gift for the New Year (Admiral Gorshkov frigate) went to NATO shores yesterday with Tsirkon missiles.” used the phrase.

Noting that the Tsirkon missiles have a range of 1000 kilometers, Medvedev said:

“Also located close to the Potomac River, 100 miles from the coast, you can rejoice! Russia“It will bring to the minds of those who pose a threat to Turkey and its allies,” he said.

The frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” belonging to the Russian Navy started its combat duty yesterday with a ceremony attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

*The visuals of the news were served by AA.