Last minute: Minister Akar’s harsh reaction to Greece: NATO must now say ‘stop’ to this spoilt…


Reminding that the “Black Sea Grain Initiative” was signed as a result of the negotiations with the Russian and Ukrainian defense ministries on the ground provided by the active diplomacy carried out by President Erdogan, Akar said, “With the work of the Joint Coordination Center established in Istanbul within the scope of the initiative, approximately 15 million tons of goods have been shipped from Ukrainian ports so far. The grain has been safely shipped to the countries in need, 577 ships have left the Ukrainian ports and 584 ships have gone to the Ukrainian ports so far,” he said.

Stating that Turkey continues its active activities within NATO, of which it has been an active and respected member for 70 years, Minister Akar said that Turkey will undertake the duties of Combat Corps and NATO Response Force Naval Component Command in the new year. Emphasizing that NATO with Turkey is more meaningful and powerful, Akar said, “However, some of our allies apply export restrictions to Turkey in violation of the spirit of NATO. It should not be forgotten that strong Turkey means strong NATO, strong alliance.”

Noting that the procurement of 40 F-16 Viper aircraft and the modernization of 79 aircraft are continuing with the USA, Akar said, “We have seen the positive approach of our US counterparts regarding the issue.


The support given to the PKK/YPG in Syria in the recent period, the allegations of harming the fight against DAESH, the move away from the balanced approach between Turkey and Greece, the lifting of the arms embargo against the Greek Cypriot Administration and the hostile attitudes of some political figures undermine the relations between Turkey and the USA. Noting that their attempts have created a negative perception in the public, Akar said, “We expect the necessary measures and corrections from our ally and strategic partner, the USA.”


Stating that a total of 24,652 people were expelled, 10 thousand 5 of which were with the approval of the minister, as of 15 July 2016 within the scope of the fight against FETO, Minister Akar said that the struggle continues resolutely in the light of new information, documents and given information. Noting that a modern, flexible, predictable, sustainable and accessible system via e-Government has been established with the new military service system, Akar said, “Since 26 June 2019, when the ‘Recruitment Law’ came into force, 402 thousand 45 people have benefited from paid military service. Only in 2022. 168 thousand 713 citizens applied to benefit from military service. In 2022, 8 thousand 743 citizens benefited from military service in foreign currency.

Minister Akar said, “Our heroic army, also known as the hearth of the prophets, inspired by the love, trust and prayer of our noble nation with its national, spiritual and professional values ​​filtered from our glorious history of thousands of years, in the light of reason and science, within the framework of the constitution and in line with the laws, from our President. He concluded by saying, “He is at the command and command of the sequential chiefs and commanders, at the command of his nation, at the head of his duty within the solid hierarchical structure that started.