LAST MINUTE: MHK’s new president Lale Orta – Last Minute Sports News

Last minute news! The new chairman of the Central Arbitration Board (MHK) has been announced.

Turkish Football Federation (TFF) announced that the new president of MHK is Lale Orta.

In the statement made by the federation, “The Board of Directors of the Turkish Football Federation appointed Prof. Dr. Lale Orta as the Chairman of the Central Arbitration Board with the decision taken at the meeting held today.

Turkey’s first female football coach, the first female football referee and one of the first female referees with FIFA license, Prof. Dr. MHK, who will take office under the chairmanship of Lale Orta; We believe that he will fulfill his responsibilities to bring Turkish football to higher levels in the international arena by adding value to football, and we wish the new MHK President and members success in their duties.


Other members of the MHK chaired by Orta are as follows:

Tolga Özkalfa, Ahmet İbanoğlu, Cemalettin Ali Kunak, Ali Kızılet, Süleyman Abay, Saadettin Güler, Aynur Aysun Akar, Hamza Egypt.


He was born in 1960 in Istanbul. After playing basketball at Vefa Club for a while, she started playing football in Dostlukspor Girls’ Football Club, Turkey’s first women’s football club.

He played football in Dostluk Spor between 1976-1989. He was the goalkeeper and captain of the club. He completed his higher education in the Department of Business Administration of Marmara University in 1986.

She continued her coaching courses in 1985 and became the first female football coach in Turkey by completing the course with the first place. During her coaching training, she studied football refereeing. He continued his football refereeing career in the men’s leagues. She directed a match in Eyüp stadium for the first time.

She became the first female referee to manage a football match in the professional 1st, 2nd and 3rd leagues of Turkey. The first match he directed as an assistant at the first league level was the Galatasaray-Sarıyer match played on 20 May 1990. The first Super League match as a referee was the Sakaryaspor – Ankaragücüspor match played in 1999.

Orta, who continues his education in the sports management graduate program of the School of Physical Education and Sports of Marmara University, completed his master’s degree in 1993 with his thesis on “The Status of Football Referee in the Turkish Sports Organization”.

In 1995, she became one of the first FIFA licensed female referees in the world by being among the 54 female referees selected from 27 countries by the International Association of Football Associations (FIFA). She managed 60 international matches before She quit refereeing.

In 2000, she received her doctorate title with her thesis titled “An Analytical Approach on Football Organizations in the World and in Turkey”, thus becoming the first academic woman to write a doctoral thesis about football in Turkey.

He continued his academic career at Istanbul Technical University (1998-2003) and at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Faculty of Education, Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching (2003-2009). In 2009, he assumed the presidency of the Department of Sports Sciences at Okan University. He received the title of professor in 2020.

He held various positions in the Turkish National Olympic Committee (TMOK), the Association of Active Football Referees and Observers of Turkey, and the TFF Central Referee Board. He worked as a Delegate and Referee Observer (2006-2009) and UEFA Referee Trainer (2006-2007) in UEFA.

It was deemed worthy of the “Women and Sports 2002 – European Continent Grand Prize” given by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to individuals and institutions that play a leading role in women’s participation in sports. In 2003, she was selected by UEFA as one of the 17 best referees in the European continent. She managed the UEFA Cup Women’s Final Match played between Germany (Djugarden) and Sweden (Alvsjö) teams in Postdam, Germany, on 21 May 2005. His name was given to the referee room in Küçükçekmece Stadium.