Last minute… Liz Truss announces natural gas plan

Creation Date: September 08, 2022 14:07

The natural gas plan of Liz Truss, who was elected the new Prime Minister of England with the majority of the conservative votes, was announced.


In his victory speech after being elected Prime Minister, Truss’s natural gas plan, which underlined that he would bring solutions to energy and national health care, became official.

According to the news in the British newspaper The Telegraph, the new prime minister has introduced a new ‘Energy Price Guarantee’ that will save a typical household £1000 a year.

Truss said in the House of Commons that ‘freezing the energy bill’ would mean that a typical household would not pay more than £2,500 a year.

British media reports recently claimed that the new administration had prepared a draft plan to keep annual electricity and gas bills at or below £711 for an ordinary household.

According to documents seen by Bloomberg News, Truss’ draft plan envisions spending £130 billion over the next 18 months to keep energy bills stable.


However, in Truss’ statement today, there was no information about the cost of this project to the government.


Truss, born in 1975 in Oxford, says his father, a mathematics professor, and his mother, a nurse, are “leftists.” But he did not continue the family tradition.

Truss, who studied philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford University, actively participated in political activities among students and took part in politics, first Liberal Democrat and then Conservative.

Europe is preparing for the harshest winter of the last period after the Ukraine war and Russia’s cut off natural gas.

After school, he worked in the accounting departments of Shell and Cable & Wireless companies, but he always wanted to get into politics.

He entered politics in 2001, but could not be elected as a deputy in the 2001 and 2005 elections. He was elected to Greenwich city council in London in 2006 and has been vice president of the centre-right think tank Reform from 2008.

In 2010, under David Cameron’s leadership, he was elected to the South West Norfolk region MP.

47 year old Liz TrussAs a member of the Conservative Party, he has held various cabinet positions in the governments of Prime Minister David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson.


Truss had served as Secretary of State since 2021.