LAST MINUTE: Josef de Souza decision from the Arbitration Board

Last minute news! The Turkish Football Federation Arbitration Board rejected Beşiktaş’s application for Josef de Souza’s one-match penalty.

In the statement made by the TFF, it was stated that the penalty of the 33-year-old Brazilian player, who received a red card in the events after the MKE Ankaragücü-Beşiktaş match played in the 5th week of the Spor Toto Super League, was upheld.

Josef de Souza was referred to the Professional Football Disciplinary Board (PFDK) by the TFF Legal Counsel for his unsportsmanlike behavior.

PFDK announced that no extra penalty was given to the experienced football player. Josef de Souza will not be able to play in Beşiktaş’s match against Medipol Başakşehir in the 6th week of the league due to the red card he has seen.


Josef de Souza made a statement after his appeal against his sentence was not accepted.

Despite being referred to the Professional Football Disciplinary Board for his unsportsmanlike behavior, the Brazilian football player, who was not given an extra penalty, used the following statements in the message he published on his Instagram account:

“You’ll remember me on the day they killed a player or crippled him by preventing him from doing his favorite thing, or more seriously attacked a referee. I’m extremely disappointed with the decision. In Brazil they would reward for something like this, let alone a suspension decision. “The person who should have been in jail is not in jail, he was sentenced to be closed for only one match, who should have received a major penalty. They punished the person who tried to protect the physical integrity of his friends and the referee. These days when there is talk of being against violence and solidarity in football, your message could only be this bad.”

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