Last Minute: Galatasaray’s January plan has been revealed! Intensive press and transfer decision to 3 stars…

In order to reach the championship goal this season, the team will strengthen its staff during the interim transfer period. GalatasarayBusy hours began to occur in . The yellow-reds will first reinforce the defender and striker lines. There is also a midfield transfer on target.

Galatasaray’s plans, prominent opinions and strategies in the interim transfer are as follows:

100% stopper transfer in January

Galatasaray wants to add a good and high-level right defender to its squad during the interim transfer period. While Nelsson’s departure from the team at the end of the season is considered 100 percent, Galatasaray wants to prepare for the departure of the Danish defender, and to activate Plan B in that region already.

While it is foreseen that the transfer of the defender to be made after Nelsson’s departure will be more costly, it is planned to make this reinforcement now and complete the familiarization process.

Center forward candidate Deniz Ündav

Galatasaray does not want to make a costly transfer to the striker zone. The reason is that the dominant in the club ‘No matter who we take, if Icardi exists, Icardi plays! There is no scorer on him in Turkey!” thought. For this reason, Galatasaray does not want to take a big risk for the transfer of the striker.

Galatasaray’s goal is to hire Deniz Ündav if Brighton Club can be persuaded! The yellow-red people will not hire the 27-year-old striker with a Turkish passport for 1.5 years and make no further reinforcements to this region!

There will also be a midfielder!

Another region that is planned to be reinforced during the half-time transfer period in Galatasaray is the midfield. Here, too, the transfer of a football player who can play both 6 and 8 positions is on the agenda. Branco van den Boomen, who played in Toulouse, is also among the candidates. His club, on the other hand, will increase the number of alternatives and transfer to this region with the work of the 27-year-old Dutch football player, whose contract will expire in June 2023, as well as the Galatasaray scout team.

3 players have intense pressure

Dursun Özbek, President of Galatasaray Club, and Erden Timur, Deputy Chairman of Sportif A.Ş, drew attention to the fact that some of their football players were offered offers in their latest statements. 3 players in yellow and red have a lot of suitors. These names are Victor Nelsson, Sacha Boey and Lucas Torreira…

victor nelssonSevilla has been aspirant since the beginning of the season. While trying to add Boey to the squad of French clubs, Torreira Official offer has come from Serie A. Galatasaray, on the other hand, does not want to leave the successful names of the first 11 in January due to its ‘championship goal’.

Galatasaray’s priority transfer championship, not income! They conveyed this to their players and expressed their trust and needs in order to reach the championship.