Last minute… Flash nuclear weapons statement from Russia


The war in Ukraine continues to take lives for months.

While bitter news continues to come from the region, the countries led by Turkey are looking for a way to start peace negotiations between the two sides.

However RussiaThe partial mobilization decision of yesterday indicates that the tension in the region will not decrease in the near future.

World While talking about the decision taken by Russia since yesterday, a new statement came from Moscow.

Dmitry, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia (SB) Medvedev“Any weapon, including nuclear, can be used to protect the territories that joined Russia,” he said.

Medvedev once again intimidated the West with the words ‘The West and all NATO countries in general must understand that Russia has chosen its own path’.


Medvedev, who stated that if Sweden and Finland became members of NATO in the past period, Moscow would have to take precautions against these threats, implied that Russia could send ships to the region with Iskender missiles, hypersonic weapons and nuclear bombs, and used the following expressions;


‘In a situation where Sweden and Finland are members of NATO, it is not possible to talk about the nuclear-free status of the Baltic region.’


Medvedev also warned that Moscow would attack cities in the west if Ukraine used US-supplied missiles to attack Russia.

The horsemen of the apocalypse are on their way,” said Medvedev, and threatened an all-out attack if the missiles sent to Ukraine targeted Russia.