Last minute… First statement from King Charles III: I want to honor his life spent in service


England King Charles III, Queen 2. Elizabeth“I just want to say this to my beloved mother when I go to my father. Thank you very much, for your love and loyalty. You have served all the years by giving your due. I hope the angels will put you to sleep.” King 3. The highlights of Charles’ statement are as follows:

Apart from our individual mourning and suffering, there is serious gratitude in all the countries where the Queen is head of state. My mother served the people of many nations during this period.

His determination as a ruler was never shaken. It remained the same in times of progress, change, celebration. Throughout the life he served, his respect and inspiration, along with his ability to always remain true to tradition and welcome development without fear, became the symbol of his reign.



I want to commemorate my mother’s memory here. I want to honor his life spent in service.

Britain and the world were in shambles when the Queen ascended the throne. He still lived by the rules of ancient times. In the last 70 years, we have seen that our society is involved in many beliefs and societies. Despite all the difficulties here, our nation and our family of nations have flourished and blossomed in prosperity. Our values ​​have remained the same, and should remain.


Just as the Queen did it with tremendous determination, I hereby promise you. I will uphold the constitutional principles, serve you faithfully, respectfully, wherever you live in the UK or in the world. Just like in my life. Of course, my life will change, I take responsibilities.

I count on the support of my wife Camila. Today I proclaim him Prince of Wales. I had the chance to carry the title of this country. Alongside her, along with Kathren, our new prince will continue to be a beacon of hope in national talks. Here I want to address my love for Harry and Magen. They also live on the other side of the sea.



We will bury my beloved mother’s body. On behalf of my entire family, I express my sincere thanks to you. These are more precious to me than I can ever express. I want to say this to my dear mother. I just want to say this when I go to my father. Thank you so much for your love and loyalty. You have served all the years, giving your due. I hope the angels put you to sleep.


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