Last Minute: Emin Bayram’s contract in Galatasaray was renewed and extended

In the statement made by the yellow-red club, it was said, “The professional contract of our football player Emin Bayram, who grew up in our academy, which is valid until the end of the 2024-2025 season, has been extended until the end of the 2025-2026 season.”

President Dursun Özbek and Emin Bayram made statements to GS TV after the signing ceremony.

“Sure is a diamond”

Emin’s future GalatasarayPresident Özbek stated that he will be one of the names who will write the future of ., “I have been watching Emin for a long time. So extremely successful. He is one of the friends who will write the future of Galatasaray in the coming years. He continues to be extremely beneficial to Galatasaray both in terms of physics and the position he plays. Emin is trusted by me, his teacher and all of our managerial friends. Emin will make a great contribution this year as well. I wish him success in his future Galatasaray life. The cement of Galatasaray is Emin’s. That’s why his love for Galatasaray should not end with Emin. May his way be clear in Galatasaray. I hope God does not hurt. He is a friend of ours who will contribute greatly to Galatasaray, the national team and Turkish football from now on. He is a diamond. Let him know the value of it. Do your best to improve yourself. I give him a brother’s advice and wish him success,” he said.

“Our target is the 23rd championship”

The 19-year-old signed a contract with Galatasaray until the end of the 2025-2026 season. Emin Bayram “I am very happy to be in the club until 2026. I always try to do my best when I’m in the club. I would like to thank my teacher Okan, our president and our management. Hopefully it will be good for everyone. At the start of this year, our goal was the 23rd championship. I hope we will succeed this year.”